4 million zl for training courses for programmers and logisticians

Junior Java Developers, mobile crane operators, overhead crane operators – these are just some of the professions that will be available as part of the “Invest in Pomerania Academy” project implemented by Invest in Pomerania. Currently, companies are being sought to comprehensively train 860 people in the most deficient professions in the Pomeranian region.

The Pomerania Development Agency has announced two grant competitions – as part of the activities of the Invest in Pomerania initiative – for the implementation of training in the IT industry and crane operators. Applications can be submitted by companies engaged in education and training activities from all over Poland. The aim of the project is to increase the number of people with the most sought-after competencies in the Pomeranian labor market.

Companies have the opportunity to obtain 3,250,000 zl to provide training to 500 people in four subject areas: Junior Java Developer, Junior Front-end Developer, Junior Data Scientist, Junior .NET/C# Developer. A prerequisite to be met by the grant applicant is that a minimum of 50% of those trained should later find work in Pomerania.

– The Pomeranian region is already an IT industry basin with nearly 30,000 programmers of various specialties. With the further development of the region in the field of modern technologies, we need trained personnel who will not only serve the companies already present on the market, but will encourage more industry tycoons to invest in Pomerania – says Monika Stokfisz, coordinator of the Invest in Pomerania Academy project.

Also up for grabs is 805,000 zl to train 260 people in 6 professions: terminal tractor operator, mobile crane operator, RTG specialized crane operator, tower crane operator, reach stacker operator, floating/deck crane operator. The necessary ratio of at least half of those employed in Pomeranian companies, will not be difficult to achieve.

– The Tri-City, is also a good place to look for jobs in the logistics sector. We have large logistics centers, developed maritime transport, and because of its unique location on the Baltic Sea, we function as the logistics hub of northern Poland. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a huge demand for employees that the entire industry is currently experiencing,” Monika Stokfisz argues.


Invest In Pomerania