GlobalLogic opens an office in Gdansk

GlobalLogic, a leader in software engineering services, as previously announced, is opening an office in Gdansk.  At the beginning the company will employ over one hundred and twenty engineers who will work on the latest solutions in embedded systems development, cyber security, IoT or communication. This is a very important investment in Tri-City which emphasizes the importance of the city on the IT map of Poland. GlobalLogic’s presence in the region will also include numerous programs implemented in cooperation with universities, local government and non-profit initiatives.

This year’s forecasted corporate spending of USD 750 billion on the purchase of various types of software testifies to the high demand for IT services. Putting such large resources at stake, companies want to be sure that they make the right decisions and that the initiated projects will actually bring the expected benefits. For this purpose they look for such places as Tri-City where they can find business partners with high competences needed to create optimal solutions for such sectors as: automotive, healthcare, fintech or communication.

– “Solutions designed for automotive, financial or medical industry must maintain the highest level of quality and safety. They should equally affect the functioning of embedded systems, cloud services, communication interfaces, as well as comfort and proper protection of drivers or patients. This requires experience and knowledge, which is possessed by a very narrow group of engineers,” emphasizes Kamil Świadek, Director of GlobalLogic branch in Gdańsk.

GlobalLogic tempts with personnel development offer

By opening an office in Tri-City, GlobalLogic wants to quickly build a team of 120 people, most of whom will be Embedded Software Developers, DevOps Engineers and Automation Testing Engineers.  As early as in June, a simplified recruitment process will be launched where potential candidates will be able to quickly learn about job openings and the company itself.

As part of the implemented “everything for engineers” strategy – GlobalLogic has established close cooperation with the city authorities, the local government initiative – Invest in Pomerania and the educational sector in order to offer the best possible conditions for development to engineers and developers.

– “The heart of our projects are people with very narrow specializations in the IT sector, who have specific knowledge, skills and experience. For such experts, continuous development is an indispensable part of their work, therefore we put great emphasis on it through the implemented projects, but also through academies and individual paths for broadening skills,” – adds Kamil Świadek from GlobalLogic in Gdańsk.

A chance for rapid development of skills will be given not only to people with many years of experience, to whom training programs will be addressed. It will also be possible for young professionals, students and university graduates who are at the beginning of their path in the IT sector to gain practical knowledge that is not normally available outside of commercial projects.  The cooperation established by GlobalLogic with the School of Banking is aimed at joint education, realization of internship programs and dual training. As a part of joint activities, a new curriculum offer adapted to future professions will be created. R&D implementation projects will also be carried out. People working in other sectors of the economy will also have the opportunity to change careers. This will be possible thanks to Academies run by qualified mentors, allowing them to acquire skills necessary for employment in new positions.  Close cooperation between business and education sectors is the answer to the still growing labour market needs in the IT sector.

 Pomerania responds to the needs of high technology companies

The Invest in Pomerania initiative, coordinated by the Pomerania Development Agency, is yet another investment project resulting from the regional economic development strategy adopted by the Pomeranian voivodeship self-government.

– Tri-City business ecosystem is the best conditions, efficiently implemented tools and dozens of activities that translate into the development of companies and experts from various fields, and at the same time contribute to shaping a sustainable society – says Piotr Ciechowicz, Vice President of the Board of Pomerania Development Agency. – Cooperation with GlobalLogic will allow creating hundreds more jobs and will bring new opportunities for professionals interested in changing the industry or relocating to Tri-City – adds Piotr Ciechowicz.

– “Right here in Gdansk, and also more broadly in the whole Tri-City – we can see real effects brought about by tightening permanent relations between the city and the business and educational sector, in this case with the Gdansk School of Banking. The solutions implemented here, and the long-term cooperation with companies, make it possible to achieve a measurable use of the local human capital’s potential, with simultaneous implementation of innovations. Thanks to all these activities Gdańsk is one of the most dynamically developing cities in Poland”. – summarizes Alan Aleksandrowicz, the President of the Management Board of InvestGDA Gdansk Economic Development Agency.

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