Power Gift with co-financing as part of the “Invest in Pomerania 2020” grant competition.

More funds for Pomeranian companies! Power Gift with co-financing as part of the “Invest in Pomerania 2020” grant competition.


Power Gift sp. z o.o. received the “Invest in Pomerania 2020” grant. The funds obtained will be invested in the construction of new warehouse space, staff development, and expansion of the product offer, which will strengthen the company’s position on the market and increase profits in the long term.


Power Gift sp. z o.o., deals with the production and distribution of souvenir gadgets and personalized products, including keyrings, bracelets, magnets, rulers, pens, pocket mirrors, frames, and signs. The company has many years of experience in the industry and has a team of competent designers and appropriate technological facilities. Power Gift operates in the domestic and foreign markets, selling through its own online store and retail chains such as Empik, PSB Mrówka or Bricomarche.


– The “Invest in Pomerania 2020” grant will allow the area of 2.3221 ha to be adapted to the needs of the business by developing utilities and supplying power, water and sewage, heating, ICT and fire protection installations, as well as the construction of hardening and squares storage and storage facilities – explains Maciej Szymczak, President of the Management Board of Power Gift.


The company is successively expanding the spectrum of industries with which it cooperates. It develops its products by investing in ecological raw materials (e.g. bamboo), which it recycles at the end of its life.


Future perspectives

– Investment grants that support the development of companies bring many benefits to the region. Grant recipients, thanks to the received funds, increase their production capacity, which translates into the creation of new jobs. Thanks to the grants, companies invest in development, which leads to increased and strengthened competitiveness and innovation. Such activity may attract investors and specialists to the region, says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The “Invest in Pomerania 2020” grant competition is intended for entrepreneurs from the SME sector. The value of co-financing for industrial and warehouse projects may each time reach PLN 800,000, implemented with the help of European funds. In total, according to estimates, 20 entrepreneurs who will invest approx. PLN 60 million in Pomerania will receive assistance under the allocation for grant support.



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