Focus On: Maritime Sector in Pomerania

Already a long time ago, the maritime sector has become much more than just shipbuilding. As we approach 2023, the development of modern technologies, the growth of new branches of the economy, and the geopolitical situation have created an opportunity for Pomerania region to expand into more industries than ever before.

The Invest in Pomerania team has invited to collaboration partners from the following companies: Aluship Technology, Blue Dot Solutions, Centrum Nowych Kompetencji, CTO S.A., Crist S.A., Damen, DNV, Enamor, Equinor, F44, Mainstream Renewable Power, Mewo, PFMT, Randstad, Remontowa Holding S.A., Siemens Gamesa, StoGda and Sunreef Yachts. As a result of many conversations with experts, the FOCUS ON: Maritime Sector in Pomerania report was created, covering key issues for the maritime sector in Pomerania.

The report presents:

  • the potential of design offices and the units they offer
  • the impact of global trends in shipbuilding on the shipbuilding sector of the region
  • issues related to low emissions and ship autonomy
  • the implementation of modern drone and VR technologies and the Internet of Things
  • cybersecurity practices
  • achievements of the Pomeranian yacht industry
  • the offer of higher education and vocational training for the maritime sector
  • an analysis of the job market in terms of the potential of the local industry and the accommodation of external investors.

“We placed the perspective of Pomerania in the broad context of global economic trends, which allowed us to obtain an in-depth analysis of the maritime sector. We wanted the report to fully present both the current market situation as well as future forecasts, which are promising for the region,” said Mikołaj Trunin, Deputy Director, Invest in Pomerania.

FOCUS ON: Maritime Sector in Pomerania is already the fifth publication in the series of economic analyses by Invest in Pomerania. By now, they focused on offshore wind (twice), automotive, and electronics industries.

Read the raport here.


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