Focus on Slupsk – BSS Tour Report

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The “Focus on Słupsk” report presents figures on education, real estate, transport, business infrastructure and the labor market, which show the potential of the city.

Słupsk, with the population of 80,000, is the second cultural and economic center of Pomerania after the Tri-City Metropolis. As a satellite city of the Tri-City, which has built a strong position on the national map of modern business services over the last decade, Słupsk is an excellent location for companies from this sector, in particular from such industries as IT, BPO or SSC. The BSS (business services sector) sector is one of the fastest growing areas of the Polish economy, and medium-sized cities such as Słupsk are increasingly attracting the attention of international companies from the industry. Thanks to the developed business and communication infrastructure, the availability of employees and the competitive costs of running operations, Słupsk has become an attractive alternative for companies looking for new development paths and expansion opportunities in Pomerania.


Download report: Focus on Slupsk EN 2021-10



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