150 people to be trained and given the chance for a career in IT thanks to the Invest in Pomerania Academy

Infoshare umowa Academy

On 5th December 2022 Invest in Pomerania, a local government initiative coordinated by the Pomerania Development Agency, signed a contract with Infoshare Academy to deliver a series of training courses on expanding IT competences. This is the result of a competition announced in August this year. In the first, recently completed edition, 140 people received new qualifications.

The aim of the Invest in Pomerania Academy project is to increase the talent pool of the Pomeranian voivodeship through direct supply of the labour market with people endowed with the competencies most desired by employers.

– The IT industry in Pomerania is developing extremely dynamically. This year alone, foreign investors have offered more than 2,000 jobs, thanks to which the voivodeship has exceeded the threshold of 30,000 programmers with diversified specialisations. This not inconsiderable number will continue to grow, so Invest in Pomerania Academy is directly responding to market demand – argues Monika Stokfisz, Talent Attraction Team Manager.

Infoshare Academy will receive almost 50 per cent funding to run courses in four specialisations: Junior Java Developer, Junior Front-end Developer, Junior Data Scientist and Junior .NET/C# Developer. The training process for future employees is expected to last at least 240 hours. It is crucial that at least half of them finds employment in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Invest in Pomerania will conclude three more agreements with training providers in order to increase the number of participants in the programme to 500. This is a great opportunity for all those who want to start a career in IT, but do not have the right qualifications. Recruitment of participants has already started, twith courses to be started within few months.


Invest In Pomerania