Invest in Pomerania promotes the region at MIPIM

Europe’s largest property fair, MIPIM, is taking place in Cannes, where Invest in Pomerania, together with its institutional partners – Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Pruszcz Gdański, InvestGDA, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, and the private sector– 7R, Torus and Olivia Centre – is presenting the real estate potential of the Pomeranian region. Pomerania is one of the best locations in Poland and Europe in terms of investment attractiveness, as evidenced by the award for 5th place in the Mid-Sized European Regions of the Future 2023 – FDI Strategy category in the fDi Intelligence ranking.

MIPIM in Cannes is one of the largest real estate fairs in Europe, attracting investors, developers and local governments from around the world. This year’s edition, which runs from 14 to 17 March, is attended by more than 20 000 people from 80 countries. As in previous years, representatives of the Pomeranian Voivodeship take part in the event, where they present their real estate offer.

Pomerania’s attractive offer

Pomerania has much to offer to investors. Situated at the crossroads of European transport routes, the region provides easy access to European and global markets. Gdańsk airport is one of the largest in Poland and handles 4 million passengers a year, making it an important transport hub. The seaports of Gdańsk and Gdynia are the natural logistics gateway to Central and Eastern Europe, and the current warfare across the eastern border makes their role in the supply chain in this part of the continent all the more important. As a result, the warehouse market is developing excellently, with the total supply reaching 1 258 000 sqm.

The Pomeranian region is also one of the key centres for modern business services in Poland. The BSS sector in the region employs 35 000 people in 190 centres. The increasing number of investments under way strongly stimulates the demand for offices, the supply of which in 2022 exceeded 1 000 000 sqm.

This year’s trade fair is an excellent opportunity to showcase Pomerania’s potential in the real estate sector and to establish new business contacts. The Pomeranian region creates a friendly and attractive environment for business development. We are convinced that, as in previous years, an effective strategy for attracting Foreign Direct Investment will encourage investors to enter the Tricity market. We hope that our presence at MIPIM will bring many benefits for the region and our partners says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.


Gdańsk has prepared a rich offer of investment projects for this year’s MIPIM fair in Cannes.

During this year’s fair, Gdańsk is presenting a wide range of projects that confirm the attractiveness of the metropolis for investors from all over the world. These include New Port 2030+, which concerns the development of the New Port district using a public-private partnership formula. Public facilities, such as a swimming pool and council flats, as well as commercial facilities will be built on an area of around 14 hectares says Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of Gdańsk.

This is not the only project being presented at the fair. Also on offer from Gdańsk is a strategy for the development of the area in front of the railway station in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, as well as a residential and commercial project at the former Wrzeszcz Depot and Uczniowska Street in the Brzeźno district, and the development of sports, training and recreational infrastructure at the Ergo Arena hall on the border of Gdańsk and Sopot.

There is also no shortage of projects related to business and industry, as industrial areas and logistics parks managed by the municipal company Gdańsk Economic Development Agency (InvestGDA) will be presented. Also on offer are modern business districts such as Airport City, located next to Gdańsk Airport, and the planned industrial park in the Orunia-Św. Wojciech-Lipce district.

Also presented at MIPIM was the Gdańsk International Fair project, which includes a three-star hotel as part of the largest exhibition and congress centre in northern Poland, as well as an investment offer regarding the possibility of developing a leisure centre or residential and commercial development on Sobieszewska Island in Gdańsk.


Gdynia’s economy is mainly focused on the port industry and the business services sector. It is an ideal place for new investments, especially those related to services, offices or high-tech production. In addition, numerous cultural and sporting events attract tourists all year round, which opens up many opportunities for the hotel and tourism industry says Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała, Deputy Mayor of Gdynia.

At this year’s Cannes fair, the city of Gdynia is presenting two investment plots. The first of them, with an area of 1.88 ha, is located in the seaside district of Orłowo. Its location near a landscape park and a historic palace complex makes it an excellent place for a hotel investment, both for leisure and conference purposes.

The second plot, with an area of 33 hectares, is located in Chwarzno. New residential buildings and housing estates are being built in the Chwarzno-Wiczlino district, making it the area with the highest population growth rate. As the housing market develops, the demand for accompanying services increases. The area has great potential for expansion of functions and services not only on the scale of the Tricity Metropolitan Area, but also on the scale of the entire region. Particularly sought after are investors from sectors related to various types of services, such as a university campus, healthcare for the elderly with accommodation, retail or high-tech manufacturing.


Sopot’s offer is focused on the spa nature of the resort. The city is looking for investors interested in developing the recreational functions of the space. The first of the modern facilities could be built in the seaside strip, which is one of the most desirable locations for investment, and the second in the vicinity of the Hippodrome.

The city owes its position primarily to the strongly developed tourist services sector, which allows it to build a year-round leisure and business offer  says Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim, Deputy Mayor of Sopot.

The city has huge investment potential, as it is associated with luxury, leisure and a healthy lifestyle. That is why investments in the spa and resort industry in Sopot are so desirable.

According to the city’s development strategy, Sopot’s main objective is to build its brand as a year-round resort. To this end, we are looking for investors who are particularly interested in creating high quality, complementary spa and resort services in the coastal strip. One of the priorities is the construction of a new sanatorium complex with accompanying spa infrastructure, using the Sopot brine from the St Adalbert’s Spa. The facility is to be located in the A1 spa zone, on a site located at Bitwy pod Płowcami Street, in the immediate vicinity of the seaside avenue and beach. Therefore, the construction of hotel facilities also continues to be very attractive to potential investors, especially as there is less and less land available for these services. In this case, one of the most interesting offers is the plot at the Hippodrome, intended for hotel development adds Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim, Deputy Mayor of Sopot.

Sopot also has an offer from AQUA-Sopot. For further development, the city is looking for partners to carry out a number of activities and investments related to increasing the exploitation of therapeutic waters and expanding the base of entities operating on the basis of the city’s spa resources. Investments in Sopot not only benefit businesses, but also improve the health and quality of life of residents and tourists.

All planned undertakings will be carried out in agreement and with reference to the implementation of the spa strategy of Sopot and the activities undertaken by the City in the field of climate and environmental protection says Marek Bogacki, Vice-President of AQUA- Sopot Sp. z o.o.

Pruszcz Gdański

In recent years, Pruszcz Gdański has seen a dynamic increase in investments being made. Good conditions for development are provided by its location. The city has a favourable geographic location, lying at the junction of Żuławy Gdańskie and Pojezierze Kaszubskie, in the vicinity of the Lech Wałęsa Airport, the A1 motorway and the Tricity bypass, as well as the main railway line connecting Gdańsk with Warsaw, Bratislava and Vienna. All these elements make the city perfectly connected with other important national and European centres. The prepared investment areas have a total area of almost 12 ha.

Pruszcz Gdański is a compact and diverse city, thanks to which, in addition to its convenient location, including the obvious proximity to the Tricity, we stand out and are an attractive partner. A rich cultural offer, active and thriving non-profit organisations, enterprising and hard-working residents and successful, passionate sportsmen and women working for the benefit of the local youth make this city vibrant all year round. At the same time it should be emphasised here that in addition to its own resources, Pruszcz Gdański is a beneficiary of many EU projects, thanks to which we continually improve the quality of life by investing in, among other things, the development of roads or flood protection says Janusz Wróbel, Mayor of Pruszcz Gdański.

Also taking part in this year’s edition of the fair as a partner of Invest in Pomerania is the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, which last year was the best economic zone in Poland in terms of the number of investment support decisions issued. In addition, it was ranked among the best Economic Zones in the world, taking second place in Europe and seventh in the world.

Income tax exemptions within the Polish Investment Zone are undoubtedly a strong argument to convince new investors to make investments in Poland. Our activities in cooperation with Invest in Pomerania, their complementarity and pursuit of a common goal, which is the economic development of the region, have been bringing great results for years says Przemysław Sztandera, President of the Board of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.

Representatives of Pomerania will present their offer at stand A7 at Riviera 8. As part of the partners’ activities, a presentation of the New Port 2030+ offer will take place on 15 March at 15:00.

In addition to the cities, Pomeranian developers will also present their offers. 7R will present warehouse parks, Torus will present the modern office space of the Point complexes, Format and the post-industrial, shipbuilding Doki, and Olivia Centre will present the largest office facilities of the Tricity.

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