Invest in Pomerania launches the Aviation Hub

Aviation Hub is a regional organization based in Pomerania which serves as a cluster for the aviation-related market players with the aim of:

  • Bringing together aviation industry specialists and increasing the level of specialization.
  • Increasing the volume of aviation-related services and products developed in Pomerania and Poland.
  • Increasing cooperation across the aviation market participants and academic specialists to boost innovation and integration of the aviation industry solutions.
  • Sharing knowledge and providing education on the aviation industry fundamentals to larger audience.
  • Connecting modern technologies with the aviation industry customers.
  • Promoting high quality aviation products and services created in Pomerania and Poland.

Aviation Hub was founded in November 2019 by Invest in Pomerania, Invest GDA, Boeing, Gdansk Airport and Smart4Aviation. We welcome aviation-related companies from across Poland.

Historically, Poland is considered a strong manufacturing industry supplier to aircraft producers yet there is little acknowledgment of the technological and data solutions that are provided for the global aviation industry. Highly regarded academic specialists in the field of aviation come from Rzeszow, Deblin, Warsaw or Chelm and we believe that this pool of talent should take advantage of the opportunities in the industry in Poland. Now, with the Aviation Hub cluster, we aim to bring more targeted offer to those specialists to build on that strong academic legacy and position ourselves beyond industrial/manufacturing sector.

As Tricity is considered as one of the top 5 locations to conduct business delivery of the modern technology solutions, we believe that positioning Aviation Hub in Pomerania will help to leverage on that potential. Currently, aviation-related companies in the region gather around 1.5K employees. The aim is to grow and to bring more job profiles into the region that will address the global demand for specialization in the aviation industry. On the passenger side, the rise of the Gdansk Airport shows the need to build more efficient and more automated solutions to manage the passenger traffic in a competitive way.

Aviation hub aims to to highlight all aviation and aviation-related activities in the region and promote the region is a hub for modern aviation technology and related services.

Pomerania may not manufacture aircraft bodies, but it develops the expert brains, airline and airports ecosystems.

The #3cITy provides world-class aviation services to the world.

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