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The Pomeranian Development Agency (ARP) has been an intermediary in the distribution of European Funds for Pomeranian companies and local institutions supporting the development of entrepreneurship for almost 20 years. As part of the acquired funds, we also deal with the economic promotion of the region, including attracting foreign investors who create new jobs. We manage a capital fund investing in innovative business ideas and provide consulting and training services. We help local companies to open to foreign markets, including co-financing participation in fairs and other events, organizing regional stands, economic missions or training. Thanks to EU funds, ARP also deals with the popularization of modern entrepreneurship, current trends in the economy and environmental attitudes.
All these activities are financed from European Union funds. The amount of funds currently transferred is almost PLN 2.4 billion.


Real support obtained by Pomeranian companies:

  • almost 2 billion PLN for investments and innovations (on over 8.5 thousand submitted projects, 2.5 thousand received co-financing) and over PLN 209 million was obtained for revitalization projects
  • grants under the ARP projects (Invest in Pomerania, Pomorski Broker Eksportowy, SPECTRUM) were allocated to:
    – development of investment areas – PLN 13 million
    – participation in international fairs and economic missions – PLN 22 million
    – advisory services – PLN 11 million
  • Invest in Pomerania – a regional non-profit initiative aimed at the economic promotion of the region, has been operating since 2011 as a result of:
    – 116 completed investment projects
    – 16.2 thousand new jobs
    – 1900 candidates won for Pomeranian employers
    – they invested, among others Amazon, Intel, Bayer, Alteams, Flex, Lacroix, Thyssen Group, Lufthansa Systems, Swarovski, State Street, Maersk Drilling, Arrow, Thomson Reuters
  • Pomeranian Export Broker – a project implemented by IDA since 2016, supporting the export activity of companies:
    – 1400 companies took advantage of the project’s offer, including domestic and foreign economic events, international trade fairs, economic missions, seminars, conferences and meetings from the “exporter’s club” series
  • Pomeranian Consulting Services System – a project implemented by ARP from 2020. addressed to Pomeranian micro-small and medium-sized companies – offering grants in the amount of 50% of the cost of purchasing specialist advisory services, including companies suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic could apply for a grant for 95% of the costs of advisory services eliminating the effects of the pandemic, currently:
    – nearly 600 companies have already passed the preliminary consulting needs survey
    – 304 grant applications for a total amount of over PLN 17 million have already been submitted
    – 206 consulting companies from Poland and abroad obtained accreditation for the provision of services
    – companies receive the support of advisors in the areas of activity such as: export, finance, law, taxes, marketing, management and technology consulting
  • PLN 50 million for enterprises affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic from the leisure industry, including restaurants and small gastronomy
  • The ARP Capital Fund has established 37 innovative companies from EU funds
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