Tricity – the rising star of Artificial Intelligence

AI is revolutionizing the world and Tricity is where you want to be if you want in on the action. From IVONA to Alexa, from local startups to Fortune 500 brands, we have it all!

Have you heard about IVONA? She was here before Alexa. Developed by the graduates from Gdańsk University of Technology, IVONA was subsequently taken over by Amazon in 2013 and scaled up to use 47 voices that can read in 24 languages. IVONA is still loved by the geeks – while Amazon has its Development Center in Gdansk that delivers innovative solutions powering their products and services around the world, including the famed Echo device powered by Alexa.

But there is more to Pomerania’s AI landscape than this one globally recognized text-to-speech smart product. The number of companies in the AI sector has been growing rapidly in Tricity since 2015, making Gdańsk the second most promising location in Poland when it comes to AI potential, according to the recent Digital Poland report. The AI ecosystem is Gdańsk is buzzing with new ideas and solutions. Companies such as SentiOne, VoiceLab, CTA, Quantum CX, Nlightnin Production, BrainScan, EduSense, Neoteric or DLabs – are some of the players in the AI revolution based off the Polish Baltic coast.

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