Focus on: Electronics Sector in Pomerania

The semiconductor crisis in mid-2021 has shown global factories the dependence of supply chains on Asian factories, the scarcity of resources and production capacity in Europe. We looked closely at the situation of the electronics sector in Pomerania in a broader context.

The report Focus on: Electronics Sector in Pomerania is based on our analysis.

“The creation of the report was preceded by an extensive analysis of the collected worldwide data on the electronics sector. However, the greatest value of the report is the experience of leading companies from the region, who shared their knowledge and perspectives for the future. In total, we conducted nearly 7 hours of interviews, for which we would like to thank our Partners. “Focus on Electronics Sector” is not the first report in the “Focus on” series. Last year we conducted an extensive analysis of the automotive sector and we are already planning the next edition. I hope that thanks to these actions we will strongly emphasize the importance of industrial sectors in our region and their potential for future investments“. – says Monika Wójcik, Senior Project Manager in Invest in Pomerania, the report coordinator

We have invited leading representatives of the electronics industry in Pomerania to cooperate with us: Flex, Lacroix Electronics, Aptiv, Intel, Radmor, as well as an international employment agency which was responsible for the analysis of the labour market – Randstad.

Invest In Pomerania