Focus on Wind Offshore in Pomerania

What is the wind offshore potential of Pomerania? Read our summary report and find out!

Poland is the biggest economy in Central and Eastern Europe. Since joining the European Union in 2004, the country has witnessed unprecedented economic growth to reach the status of a “Developed Economy” in 2018 (FTSE Russel). On the other hand, Pomerania is one of the most economically developed regions in Poland. Its coastal location on the Baltic Sea combined with an excellent talent pool has won numerous FDI projects for the region in various industry sectors. We are in a great location not only to develop offshore energy, but also to develop the entire local supply chain.

Current wind offshore projects on the Polish coast will amount to 6 GW by 2030. The potential for the whole Baltic Sea is estimated at 93 GW by 2050 ( There are seven wind offshore projects under development on the Polish coast. All the projects have received grid connection agreements and contracts for difference. Almost all the developers have also received the environmental decisions. The tendering process has already started. In February 2022 Polenergia announced that Siemens Gamesa will deliver turbines for Bałtyk projects.

There are two other offshore projects that have already received grid connection agreements. A number of other projects are about to be announced soon – new auctions will be announced in 2025 and 2027.


Offshore Report - WIND EUROPE 2022 (2)
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