Offshore Report 2020

Offshore Report 2020, prepared by the team of Invest in Pomerania, describes the current status to the offshore wind farms in Poland and Pomerania, including the legal system at the stage of development of the maritime sector. Also a detailed description of the functional supply chain and the role of Pomeranian companies in the production of maritime infrastructure and infrastructure.


The strength of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in this respect are experienced companies handling orders for external investors in the offshore industry – as well as installations, design centers, projects, strong research and development centers and currently over 7,000 students of faculties with the sector.

The first wind farms will start operating in 2025, however Pomeranian companies are already specializing and implementing external ones. They include single-bearing wind turbines, design, meeting and rental of terminals, foundation lighting and connection complete with installations, service, installation and maintenance. Also specialized project creation and management and words for investors at the Port of Gdynia and the Port of Gdansk.


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