The legalisation of stay and employment of foreigners in Poland – FAQ

Dynamic economic development, open labour market and high quality of life in our region attract more and more foreigners to Pomerania. Among the immigrants who have decided to live in the Tricity and its surroundings, the majority are our neighbours from Ukraine and Belarus, but Pomerania as a place to work and live in is also chosen by many citizens of other countries, including more distant ones. Students from abroad appreciate the level of education provided, while highly-qualified professionals value career development opportunities and attractive salaries.


The Tricity has always been a multicultural melting post and nowhere is it more evident than in Pomerania labour force. The diverse talent pool is a result of companies relocating key personnel to the region, international students who get jobs here after completing their studies or companies hiring from all over the world to work in their offices in the Tricity. All of these combined with the overall attractiveness of the region has attracted and continues to create am even more vibrant and multinational workforce, especially in the dynamically developing IT sector.

At Invest in Pomerania, we provide comprehensive post-investment services for companies located in the Pomeranian region. Within our service, we have established the role of on-duty Investor’s Spokesperson, who makes sure that key processes related to conducting business in Pomerania run smoothly and without any major difficulties. We have observed that issues related to legalisation of employment and stay of foreigners in Poland still raise many doubts among employers, and even more often among their foreign staff. The growing number of inquiries concerning the procedure of obtaining a residence and work permit has prompted us, together with the experts at the Pomeranian Voivodeship Office, to prepare this publication with a list of FAQs concerning the procedure of applying for a residence and work permit in Poland.

We exercised due care to ensure that the content of this publication is consistent with the legal status as of 20/11/2020. Moreover, as the law changes, we will endeavour to update this publication on an ongoing basis. However, when using the guidance provided, please bear in mind that it refers to typical, standard cases and may not fully take into account the complexity of particular cases. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you contact the authority competent to deal with your individual case. If you are one of our investors, please reach out to us via your HR and lets discuss how we can be of help.


We sincerely hope that this publication will make it easier for you to navigate through the statutory regulations and make the process of legalisation of stay and employment of foreigners more efficient in our region.

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