Invest in Pomerania at Semicon Taiwan 2023 – another step towards semiconductor sector investment in Pomorskie

The Semicon exhibition in Taipei is ongoing. In Taiwan, which is a crucial hub for semiconductor production globally, Invest in Pomerania is promoting the Pomorskie Voivodeship as a potential location for new manufacturing facilities in this sector.

One of the main topics discussed both during seminars and in informal conversations was the changes anticipated for the entire semiconductor market. In the coming years, the sectors set to experience the most significant increases in value are AI and mobility. AI is projected to account for 15% of the entire sector by 2030, while the automotive industry’s value is expected to reach 140 trillion dollars. Considering the strong presence of solutions for ADAS and electric vehicles in Pomorskie, projects focused on advancing modern automotive technologies are among Invest in Pomerania’s priorities.

Another topic under discussion was the need to reduce the carbon footprint left by semiconductor factories. To provide an example: several manufacturing plants in Idaho leave an annual carbon footprint equivalent to that of Portugal as a whole. Offshore wind farms, such as those in the Baltic Sea, could be the answer to manufacturers’ needs. Baltic projects are already prepared, with a production potential of 5.9 GW by 2030 and 11 GW by 2040. Such quantities of green energy represent a significant advantage for Pomorskie’s location in the race for another European semiconductor factory.

International Partnership

Invest in Pomerania, a local government initiative coordinated by the Pomorskie Development Agency, is taking concrete steps to establish the region on the global semiconductor map. In June, the organization became the first in Poland to join the SEMI association, which brings together companies and institutions responsible for innovations in materials, projects, software, and services that enable the creation of intelligent electronic products and, most importantly, semiconductors.

Invest in Pomerania’s joining SEMI is part of the region’s development strategy proposed by the World Bank. Based on an analysis of foreign direct investment flows and the Pomorskie economy, the Bank identified the semiconductor sector as one with exceptionally favorable conditions for development here. We know that we can be competitive in the competition for such projects – comments Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship.

Invest in Pomerania at Semicon Taiwan

Participation in Semicon Taiwan is not only an opportunity to showcase Pomorskie’s potential but, above all, an attempt to establish an investment partnership for a new semiconductor factory and to make a mark on the global semiconductor industry map. The event is attended by representatives of major players in the market such as TSMC, ASE, Cisco Systems, STMicroelectronics, and Denso.

Semicon Park, located on the outskirts of Gdańsk, is an excellent location for representatives of the semiconductor industry. Our region has much to offer, both in terms of infrastructure and skilled specialists. Semicon Taiwan is the perfect opportunity to present this offer – says Przemysław Sztandera, President of the Pomorskie Special Economic Zone (PSSE).

Collaboration with Taiwan is one of the many initiatives undertaken by Invest in Pomerania to attract investments that will shape the future of global investment markets.

The planned semiconductor factory in Pomorskie is not just an investment but also an opportunity to create modern jobs and strengthen the region’s economic position. At Invest in Pomerania, we believe that Pomorskie can play a key role in the global semiconductor industry – says Mikołaj Trunin, Deputy Director, Invest in Pomerania.

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