BIONEA – the next beneficiary of the grant project “Invest in Pomerania 2020”

Podpisanie grantu Bionea

BIONEA Ltd., which manufactures metal products, received funding as part of the ‘Invest in Pomerania 2020’ grant competition. The funds, obtained in the amount of 800  PLN, will be earmarked for the preparation of infrastructure necessary for further development of the company.

BIONEA, founded in 2007, initially provided investment advice on the construction of biogas plants. In 2021 the company started production and service activities in the metal industry. The company is focused on growth and to this end, among other things, is building a construction and design studio and a measurement laboratory. The obtained grant will be used to expand the machinery park. This will allow the company to specialise in the manufacture of large-size spools for cables and ropes used, among other things, in the energy sector and in the construction of structures to prevent tsunami waves.

We currently use subcontractors in the implementation of our activities. Thanks to the funding we received in the Invest in Pomerania competition, we will build our own technological facilities and ultimately manufacture independently. Our achievements to date and dynamically growing revenues from the sale of large cable and rope spools confirm that we are developing the company in the right direction – says Karol Malek, CEO, BIONEA Sp. z o.o.

For the new venture, BIONEA has purchased land in Tuchom with a total area of 1.4901 ha. Thanks to the investment, for which it received funding, the company will be able to expand its offer also with products and services concerning the implementation of various types of steel structures. The company will offer its products on the domestic and foreign markets.


Investments in the future of Pomerania

Non-refundable investment support is granted as part of the ‘Invest in Pomerania 2020’ grant competition organised by the Pomerania Development Agency. The funds come from the Regional Operational Programme for the Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2014–2020. The implementation of the project is expected to contribute to the preparation of investment areas in the region with a total area of at least 26 hectares, the creation of 22 new workplaces and investments by entrepreneurs of more than 76 million PLN.

The aim of the project is to create increasingly better conditions for economic development throughout the voivodeship. Its implementation supports the creation of new investment areas, an increase in the number of jobs and, as a result, a rise in the standard of living of local communities. By using EU funds, we enable investors to implement ambitious projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the region – concludes Maciej Silarski, Project Manager, Invest in Pomerania 2020.

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