New opportunities for investors after closure of Scania factory in Slupsk

An investment site of almost 11 hectares, production and storage halls, office and social buildings – Scania’s plant has been put up for sale, and the new owner may manage the site as early as Q3 2024.

Scania’s production plant in Slupsk was an integral part of the industrial landscape of Pomerania for years. However, as a result of restructuring and changes in the Scania Group’s development strategy, the decision was made to extinguish bus production by the end of Q1 2024. This means that the Grunwaldzka Street site will be available to new investors, as will the factory’s huge human potential.

Factory in Slupsk

Slupsk has become a symbol of industrial potential in the region, mainly thanks to the Scania factory. Assembly production of buses began here in March 1994. Two years later, the scope of operations was expanded to include the production of bus chassis. In 30 years, more than 10,000 buses have left the plant. Scania not only provided jobs for Slupsk and the surrounding community, but also shaped the local industrial identity.

The last completed bus will leave the factory in January 2024, but Scania is not leaving the region completely. The company will continue to invest in the production of bus chassis in nearby Kobylnica.

New opportunities for investors

The closure of the factory will be a certain challenge for the local community, however, it promises the potential to start a new chapter in the economic development of the city. With the decision to close the factory, Scania is giving away its advanced infrastructure. The total area of the site is 10.88 hectares. It includes, among other things, production buildings – reaching 12.5 meters in operational height, equipped with internal lifting, inspection ducts; warehouse buildings with the capacity to store a total of 7.500 pallets, and even a paint shop and rooms for a mini-clinic. All buildings are electrified and equipped with a compressed air network and independent generators. The site is also equipped with a paved parking area for finished products (12.000 sqm), parking for trucks and cars.

The main, representative office building of more than 2.300 sqm is equipped with 85 positions, and the overall potential of office workplaces, spread over several buildings, exceeds 150 people.
Interestingly, there is also an in-house gas station, with a tradition dating back to the 1980s, when on the site of the current Scania plant, bus vehicles from all over Poland were overhauled and Polish trolleybuses were produced under the Kapena brand.

Land in the immediate vicinity of the plant is also a potential advantage of the location. Currently, the City of Slupsk has proceeded to amend planning provisions and release for industry and services more than 80 hectares within the so-called West Zone.

Human potential

Along with bus production, Scania’s 700-strong workforce is also being suspended. These are skilled technicians, fitters, mechanics, service technicians, engineers, as well as economic and strategic specialists. 60 Pomeranian companies have already expressed a desire to hire some of these employees, showing that there is a demand in the local market for workers with such professional profiles.
On October 21, a job fair was held in Slupsk, attended by almost 40 companies from various industries, mainly metal and automotive. There were also manufacturers of windows, doors, furniture, and even food processing, vehicle services and carriers. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the region’s employment potential and career opportunities.

The Marshal’s Office of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, in cooperation with the Pomerania Development Agency and the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency, is working to attract a major investor capable of taking over a manufacturing plant in Slupsk. Naturally, the most obvious industry seems to be automotive, or more broadly – and mobility, but with skillful restructuring methods and modern reskilling training, Scania’s plant will meet the expectations of representatives of all sectors of the modern economy.


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