PL / EN was awarded the title of Master of Innovative Transformation

On April 21, as part of the 3rd MIT Sloan Management Review Polska Congress, the gala of the 2nd edition of the Master of Innovative Transformation competition took place. We are incredibly proud that is one of the winners of the competition organized by the ICAN Institute. 


ICAN Institute is the publisher of MIT Sloan Management Review Polska – the only European edition of the prestigious magazine combining a technological and business perspective. It aims to support Polish companies in building a lasting advantage, creating effective leadership, and staying ahead of market trends, giving the highest quality knowledge and tools to leaders who care about the dynamic development of their companies.

The competition aims to select the leaders of digital change – companies and people responsible for the initiative and implementation of technological projects with a significant impact on the organization, market, and the environment.

The jury composed of:

  • Dr. Witold Jankowski, President of ICAN Institute,
  • Andrzej Jacaszek, DBA, CEO ICAN Institute,
  • Dominika Bettman, President of the Management Board, Siemens Sp. z o.o., 
  • Tomasz Czechowicz, Founder of MCI,
  • Dr. Marek Dietl, President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange,
  • Jarosław Gracel, Vice President, Industry 4.0 Director, ASTOR,
  • Bożena Leśniewska, Vice President of the Management Board of Orange Polska,
  • Wojciech Orzech, President of the Management Board of PKP Energetyka,
  • Kuba Piwowar, Digital Acceleration Lead, Google,
  • Przemysław Polaczek, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton,
  • Aleksandra Przegalińska, philosopher, futurologist, Kozminski University,
  • Anna Streżynska, Founder, CEO, MC2 Innovations,
  • Ewa Wernerowicz, President of the Management Board, Vivus Finance S.A.,
  • dr Piotr Wiśniewski, Managing Director of the DB77 Group,

selected leaders and companies that received the title of Master of Transformation, Master of Implementation or Digital Organization in 3 categories: Technology and market, Technology and organization, and Responsible Technology.


Technology and market received a special mention from the Editorial Board of MIT Sloan Management Review and the title of Digital Organization. Przemysław Szleter, CEO of, received the title of Master of Transformation, and Damian Derebecki, CPO – Master of Implementation.

The Technology and Market category, in which the company has been awarded, highlights projects related to the technological transformation of processes that significantly impact the market, customer, and business environment. These projects relate to areas such as product offering, communication channels, sales, and logistics.

I am glad that our solution has been chosen by experts as a model example of Innovative Transformation. The main core of our activity is helping enterprises in digital transformation, and the award granted to us is a sign that we are going in the right direction. – Przemysław Szleter, CEO.


Transportation Management System

The project that gained so much attention of the Jury was our system for planning, managing, and monitoring milk collection. has created an IT system supporting and monitoring the process of collecting milk from an extensive supplier network. The system allows users to take full advantage of GPS technology to optimize routes and monitor transport in rural areas that are not covered by standard navigation systems.

These tools support drivers on steep terrain, facilitate dynamic response to routes’ temporary unavailability and reduce the risk and costs of random events. The solution supports the management of logistics processes, both in dairies and in external transport companies. For this purpose, the system also includes IoT communication with the car’s onboard computer, enabling remote access to real-time data.


The success of our solution

During the first implementation, noticed that trucks transporting milk from the farmer to the production plant travel up to 20% of kilometres after optimizing the routes. The companies save up to 30% of the total costs using this solution.

Today they know that they have saved their customers 50% of transport planning time and reduced the initial training time of drivers by up to 80%. The solution enables employees to quickly access all transport information quickly: fleet status, characteristics and locations of suppliers and recipients, the current route, position of the car, and drivers’ details.



This system has been adapted to industries other than dairy, and the product is currently available to companies in Germany, France, Switzerland, Serbia, and Austria. 

We are delighted that not only customers but also business and tech experts appreciated our solution. – Przemysław Szleter, CEO

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