Digiteum starts operations in the 3cITy!

Digiteum, a full-stack software development company, based out of Minsk has opened its offices in the Tricity. Digiteum is one of the first beneficiaries of the Come2Pomerania initiative by Invest in Pomerania and the Poland.Business Harbour program by the government of Poland.


Digiteum is a full-stack software development company. The Minsk team includes diverse specialists, including in-house designers, engineers, and management. The new office in Gdansk will be focused on the development, management, and sales from the beginning. Digiteum has already rolled out the recruitment and will start building up the team real soon. 

Digiteum plans to leverage the advantages of a new location in terms of sales. An office in the Tricity means that Digiteum can extend its outreach to new European markets and strengthen their existing relationships. We have a decade-long experience working with clients from the UK, Netherlands, Finland, etc. Setting up sales and development in Gdansk brings us closer to these and many other locations where we believe we could be a good fit, says Katherine Lazarevich is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Digiteum.

When asked about why Tricity, Katherine continues, We were considering different locations for a new office and leaned toward Tricity for several reasons. First of all, business-wise, this is a great location. It brings us closer to our existing European clients. At Digiteum, we are highly focused on nurturing client relationships, networking, meeting with people. The new office here is the key to make it happen. Moreover, proximity to the DACH and Nordic region gives us more opportunities to expand our client network and explore new markets.

Secondly, she continues, Tricity provides all the necessary conditions and infrastructure for prompt and effective growth. From the business, legal, and talent standpoint, it’s a well-developed region that basically has everything you need. Invest in Pomerania deserves a special mention here. Their team has made our journey smooth and easy and provided incredible support every step of the way. Last, but certainly not the least reason would be people. I was amazed by the generosity, openness, and genuine care of the people in Gdansk. We knew that the market is mature here, we knew we were going to deal with professionals. But the attitude we saw and experienced here surpassed our expectations.

Digiteum has solid experience in building up strong teams that work together for years and can create a system from even a high-level idea. The team in Minsk consists mainly of middle and senior engineers with a rich track record and a broad skill set. In Gdansk, they plan to start with a core full-stack team and therefore are looking for experienced engineers at first. It doesn’t rule out their interest in hiring young and prospective talent, however. Eventually, the main goal is to create such an environment where the teams in both locations could work in synergy, exchange experience, and take on projects together if needed.


Both the regional and national government has put together many programs to help IT specialists and companies to relocate to Poland. The regional government is offering its support and benefit via the Come2Pomerania initiative by Invest in Pomerania initiative where individuals receive help in finding jobs, and companies are offered support in terms of setting up and navigating the legalization process. We are proud to welcome Digiteum to Tricity and work with them to not only help them achieve their business objectives but also become a shining beacon for other companies that want to call Tricity their next destination. says Marcin Grzegory, Deputy Director, Invest in Pomerania.

Digiteum is looking to set up a strong core team in Gdansk and wait for the pandemic situation to settle before deciding on a growth number, but they are hiring people who will be comfortable working in the international environment. Despite the pandemic, Digiteum is positive about finding world-class talent in the Tricity. 



About Digiteum

Digiteum is a full-stack software development company. They do analytics, design, development, QA, and can build and launch a complex system from the ground up. Their team members work on exciting and challenging projects for Oxford University Press, Oracle, Diaceutics, Premier Tech, etc., and employ high-end technologies, including IoT, big data, and AI.

Their team is not big, and it has its benefits. They foster strong people-first culture, value opinions, and create the conditions for self-realization, professional, and personal growth. If you work at Digiteum, you work in a highly-productive environment alongside senior engineers with 10+ years of experience. It is a good place for seasoned engineers who enjoy solving puzzles in a company of smart people. But it is also a good place to make first steps in IT and learn the culture of clean code, functional design, well-established processes.

When it comes to employment perks, they stand by the principle of flexibility. After all, the world has turned upside down in 2020, and many traditional benefits became irrelevant, at least for a while. They tend to address these changes fast and adjust to people’s needs. For example, when the pandemic started, they have moved educational and recreational activities such as free English courses, training, and teambuilding online. They will also be offering relocation benefits to their employees. 

One more thing that they are really proud of is that many of Digiteum team members have worked in the company from the day it was founded (back in 2010). Over these years, they have become good friends and a small community built on trust, honesty, and a good sense of humor. 


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