GAWIN, a company dealing in industrial varnishing, received funding from the project “Invest in Pomerania 2020”

Another contract was signed as part of the “Invest In Pomerania 2020” grant competition. The GAWIN Jarosław Gawin company will receive a grant of PLN 800,000 for the preparation of land for the construction of another branch of the enterprise. The investment will be built in the Bytów commune.

The GAWIN company has been operating on the Pomeranian market since 1995. Initially, the company dealt with varnishing, bodywork and vehicle mechanics. In 2010, the company expanded the scope of services provided by starting industrial varnishing. The company participates in the production processes of Polish and foreign rolling stock and fire protection systems for oil rigs.

The Pomeranian company is distinguished by eco-efficiency and a conscious approach to the industrial process. Both the varnishing process and the preceding surface preparation are carried out with great care for the environment and the health of employees. Innovative, energy-saving varnishing technologies as well as paints and reagents are used, which allow reducing the material and energy consumption of the process of applying varnish coatings.

Taking care of the high level of our services, we cooperate with the paint coating testing centre, we train our staff and introduce new technologies. We use the technology of metal blasting, machining, welding and painting with water-based paints. We have a technologically advanced and extensive machine park and our own measurement laboratory, which allow us to carry out R&D works dedicated to the development of our services – says Jarosław Gawin, the company’s founder.

As part of the project co-financed by the grant competition “Invest In Pomerania 2020”, the GAWIN company plans to prepare an investment area for the creation of a new branch of the enterprise in the town of Udorpie in the Bytów commune.

I am very pleased that our project received such a high rating in the Invest in Pomerania competition. Thanks to the subsidy, we can make our dreams come true, we focus primarily on the development of our company and its competitiveness. Funds from the competition will allow us to prepare the site for the investment, i.e. the preparation of documentation, technical connections, construction of a fire protection tank, transformer station, retention water tank, gas installation, and hardening of squares and parking lots – says Jarosław Gawin.

As part of the investment of GAWIN, a new production and service plant will be built with an office part and accompanying infrastructure with a production area of ​​2100 m2 and 400 m2 of office space. The sum of investment will exceed PLN 5 million. The planned completion date of the project is December 2021.

The support system for SME sector companies prepared by the Voivodship Board aims at the development of basic infrastructure. Preparation of new investment areas is the beginning of the whole process and sometimes its most difficult stage. Another company in the region undertook the implementation of a new project that will enable its further development on the market – adds Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

By the decision of the Board of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, PLN 10.4 million was allocated to co-finance the development of Pomeranian medium and small enterprises as part of the “Invest In Pomerania 2020” grant competition. The competition aims to support the development of the SME sector, including companies whose functioning and development were negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-financing may be granted to projects implemented in Pomerania, consisting in the preparation of new investment areas, both for their own economic needs related to production or logistics and for the commercialization of areas for a third party.

More information about the competition can be found on the website of the Pomeranian Development Agency:,konkurs-grantowy-2019


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