Q&A with Sabina Żołędowska


In this series of exciting interviews, we talk to the leading companies in the Biotech and Life Sciences sector in Pomerania. Here, we are in conversation with Sabina Żołędowska, Development Director at the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine. IBMM is an independent research institution that carries out interdisciplinary projects in the field of biotechnology, medicine, diagnostics and molecular biology.

What is the scope of IBMM’s activity?

The Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine undertakes interdisciplinary, innovative research in many areas. Its main goal is to contribute to the development of Polish science and education through research projects. At present, the institute is a leader or a consortium member in 7 projects financed from EU funds, where it cooperates with the largest Polish universities and companies.

What products and services do you offer and what problems do they solve?

Solutions that improve quality of life are the main area of focus for our institute. Currently, our employees are developing products that enable rapid diagnosis of cancers and identification of disease pathogens. In our opinion, it will significantly affect the speed of diagnosing diseases in the future and thus help doctors improve patient care. In addition, we run projects in the area of ​​modern materials. These projects focus on nanoparticles that are used in optical research, electronics and medical diagnostics. We also conduct research in the field of environmental protection and veterinary medicine. Our experienced scientific staff cooperates with companies and start-ups. 

Can you name your key sectors and markets?

All of our projects fall within the med-tech sector. The sector’s dynamic development leads to improvements in the quality of life, which seems to be crucial in the age of civilization diseases. We want to ensure that people live longer, but also disease-free. In our opinion, the key to this is prevention that our solutions offer. 

When it comes to markets, we are guided by the motto that if you want to change the world, first change yourself. That’s why we focus mainly on the Pomeranian Voivodeship and Poland at the moment in our efforts to improve the quality of life. However, we are open for cooperation with partners outside the country. Based on our experience, we believe that we are able to find valuable and passionate people who can fight for a better future together with us.

What do you think about the business ecosystem in Pomerania?

Pomerania strongly focuses on business development. It offers great support for the smart specialization program, which strengthens cooperation between various market players.

What is the development potential of the biotech and Life Science sector in Pomerania?

The answer to this question are the previously mentioned smart specializations, in particular the area of ​​medical technologies in the field of civilization diseases and the aging period. We hope that together with the authorities of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the Regional Chamber of Commerce we will be able to positively influence the development of the Life Science sector here in the region.


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