Sustainable city development speeds up investment acquisition

– Meeting of city mayors during the ABSL Summit 2021 –


September 14, 2021: One of the most important events regarding global trends affecting economic and social development began in the Tricity. During ABSL Summit 2021 Beyond Tomorrow. Building A Sustainable Future, one of the main topics is the role of cities in attracting investments. Only in 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021, 74 new business service centers were created in Poland. During this time, over 13,500 new jobs have been created in the sector.


The main theme of the event is sustainable future – one of the most discussed trends in the world. Over two days, at the Baltic Philharmonic in Gdańsk, nearly 90 representatives of business, renowned experts, economists and local governments will conduct discussions in three areas – people, business and technology. On Wednesday, cities mayors will discuss the role of cities in attracting investments.


Quality of life

The analyses conducted by ABSL show that the quality of life both the well-being of employees and the environment in which we live play an increasing role in obtaining investments in the area of ​​modern business services. Among the key assets from the investors’ perspective, the city’s attractiveness is extremely important, which translates into the ability to attract employees from the country and the world. The ABSL annual report, which includes the assessment of factors important for running a business in individual cities in Poland, shows that the Tricity has defended its leading position in the perception of the quality of life. Over the last five years, the largest number of jobs in the sector has been created in the Tricity (14.1 thousand). Warsaw and Poznań were placed next.


– “The world has never discussed so much about the well-being of employees. Therefore, the strategic theme of ABSL Summit 2021 is broadly understood wellbeing in the context of a sustainable future. Taking into account the fact that the number of employees in the business services sector may double within 10 years, the recruitment and retention of employees will be a priority, as well as the development of competences in the future. On the other hand, the high quality of life offered by the centers will increase the chances of acquiring new investments” – says Piotr Dziwok, President of ABSL.


Sustainable cities

The data from the ABSL’s Strategic Foresight report shows that among the criteria determining the location of new investments are ESG factors, including environmental, social and corporate governance issues. Together with the Fit for 55 package and the Green Deal, there will be a roadmap for the development of cities and regions in the future. Investors already expect partnerships in the implementation of their environmental ambitions, such as achieving climate neutrality, reducing CO2 emissions or switching to renewable energy sources. At the same time, they show the need to implement diversity and inclusion policies.


– “Sustainable development is an integral part of the Pomeranian identity. We focus on responsible economic development with respect to the natural diversity characteristic of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, which is reflected, for example, in the structure of energy generated in our region, but also in openness to other cultures, people and new solutions. As part of our policy, we want to further support innovations that strengthen the harmony between modern business, optimal living conditions and our tradition of social solidarity” – says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship.


In the Strategic Foresight report, sustainable development is particularly visible at the level of access to green offices, e-mobility and growing awareness of environmental issues.


Wojciech Popławski, the vice-president of ABSL emphasizes – “The actions of local governments towards sustainable cities will be of key importance, the more so as the generation entering the labor marketplaces put a strong emphasis on work-life balance and ESG issues. As their importance grows, it is important to actively promote the green economy in the context of improving Poland’s investment attractiveness.”



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