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Information and communications technology (ICT) is one of the most dynamically developing industries in Pomerania. As a result, the percentage share of the industry in direct foreign investments is growing every year. Already, IT and R&D centers in Tricity account for more than half of companies from the modern business services sector.

Qualified staff

The common landscape of Pomeranian ICT consists of many years of presence of global brands such as Intel and Amazon, as well as international successes of startups. In addition, an active community of programmers and enthusiasts of new technologies, as well as a culture of innovation that can be experienced at InfoShare or IT Manager of Tomorrow conferences. In addition, dozens of programming meetups and marathons, well-developed technical and scientific infrastructure, i.e. technology parks, incubators and accelerators, and top-class office space. The whole is complemented by a rich research offer at public universities, as well as the possibility of raising qualifications in private coding schools – over 2,500 graduates annually.

The number of people employed in the sector is growing at a rate of around 6% per year, of which over 3/4 work in ICT services. Companies in the sector prefer large aglomerations that provide adequate staff and graduates of IT and related faculties, which is why the main center of IT development in Pomerania is the Tricity.

Record-breaking income and employment

In 2013, the IT sector generated a record income accounting for 1/6 of the region’s income – and this number is still growing.

Among IT products companies, Intel is the largest employer in the region (currently around 2 500 people). Second place goes to French Sii (860 people), the second largest employer in the IT sector in northern Poland.

In terms of supported processes, software development dominates – together with the related R&D – followed by IT support, application maintenance and infrastructure management.

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Since 2019, runs in Pomerania a hub – AI Pomerania – associating companies and institutions interested in the development of the artificial intelligence industry.

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