7N Executive Brief Outsourcing 2020

From the Introduction:

“The well known and well documented need for tech resources is increasing, and in 2020 it is even more present than ever 67 of CXOs report that the single greatest barrier to growth in the coming years will be to find qualified resources with the right skillset.

With increasing salaries and demands, companies face an the increasing challenge in delivering digital products while managing costs. For many companies, this domestic shortage of resources has led to looking beyond geographical borders, where one can find deeper talent pools at lower costs. This is what we set focus on in this report.

Further, the COVID 19 pandemic has left a great impact on the world, including the outsourcing industry. The fact is that some changes are here to stay, and we must adapt. As a result, 45 of businesses plan to outsource more than they insource as a part of their survival strategy. Thereby, outsourcing is expected to be even more relevant than ever before.

In this Executive Briefing, we are pleased to provide you with the condensed insights of our extensive analysis of the global off and nearshoring market, covering economic, educational, political, and infrastructural aspects of outsourcing, seen through the lens of our more than 30 years of experience in serving large organizations with top the 3 talent.

Happy Reading!”

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