Invest in Pomerania as a Partner in this Year’s SEMICON Europa 2023 Edition


The largest semiconductor industry trade fair in Europe, SEMICON Europa 2023, organized by SEMI Europe, has commenced in Munich. Representing the Pomeranian Voivodeship is Invest in Pomerania, serving as both a partner and exhibitor. This presents an opportunity to highlight the region’s potential in the rapidly evolving semiconductor sector.


From November 14 to 17, the foremost semiconductor trade fair in Europe, SEMICON Europa 2023, is taking place in Munich. This prestigious event, organized by the SEMI Europe Association, showcases the latest innovations in the semiconductor and electronics industries. This year’s edition is distinguished by the theme, “Shaping a sustainable $1 trillion era,” reflecting the dynamic development of the semiconductor industry, projected to exceed a value of 1 trillion dollars by 2030.

Notably, at this year’s SEMICON Europa, Invest in Pomerania, a regional initiative coordinated by the Pomeranian Development Agency, plays a special role as an event partner. Representing the Pomeranian Voivodeship, the initiative directs its focus towards the future, presenting the technological potential of Pomerania on the global semiconductor market stage. Additionally, Invest in Pomerania co-hosts a panel discussion, during which Mieszko Dropiński, TA to DCAI & NEX Poland General Manager at Intel, will address challenges in the advanced packaging system and showcase the region’s potential in the global supply chain.


Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, comments, “The Pomeranian Voivodeship stands out as an attractive and promising location for semiconductor industry development in Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, near Rusocin, we are preparing a 200-hectare area for semiconductor investment. We will take action to ensure that the next significant project coming to Poland is implemented in Pomerania.”


Challenges and opportunities in the European semiconductor industry:

The pandemic and the spectre of conflict in the Taiwan Strait have disrupted the global supply chain, resulting in delays, suspensions, or restrictions in the supply of raw materials for many companies. This particularly affected semiconductor production, where the Taiwanese company TSMC holds the largest share (over 50% of global production). Managing the supply chain and raw materials has become a priority for the European Union. The pandemic and geopolitical crises have highlighted dependence on suppliers outside of Europe, especially from Asia and the United States. In response to these challenges, the EU strengthened cooperation among member states, in strategic projects for the community.

To minimize the risk of excessive dependence on suppliers from distant regions, especially the Far East, the European Union adopted the European Chips Act. The European Chips Act allocates €43 billion to support the semiconductor production market, including innovation support throughout the supply chain. The goal is to double the EU’s share in the global semiconductor market from 10% to at least 20% by 2030.


Invest in Pomerania at SEMICON Europa 2023:

Invest in Pomerania, an initiative coordinated by the Pomeranian Development Agency, is one of the sponsors of this year’s SEMICON Europa 2023. Its representatives present the technological potential of Pomerania in Munich, promoting it as an attractive location for semiconductor industry investments. Invest in Pomerania was the first in Poland to join the international SEMI association, which brings together over 2,500 entities—companies and institutions—representing the world’s largest chip manufacturers and the broader electronics sector. Representatives of SEMI Europe visited the Tricity in October, admiring the region’s investment potential. Reference visits to Intel and Northvolt headquarters strengthened their belief that the world’s most recognizable brands choose Pomerania and develop their technologies with the assistance of Polish engineers.


Laith Altimime, President of SEMI Europe, states, “Increased investments in the European semiconductor industry are crucial for accelerating the development of sustainable technological solutions driving exponential growth worth $1 trillion. We are pleased to host Invest in Pomerania, as well as other industry members from the entire supply chain, to explore new collaboration opportunities that will contribute to further semiconductor industry development in Europe and worldwide. Equally important, visionaries will gather at SEMICON Europa to devise solutions that help achieve net zero and overcome talent pool shortages.”


More than 8,000 participants, including representatives from major industry players such as TSMC, Intel, and Samsung, are participating in the Munich trade fair.

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