Gdansk fosters IT development – new GlobalLogic headquarters in Tricity

GlobalLogic is moving to a new office in Gdansk. Based in the Argon building of the Alchemia complex, it will provide a more comfortable environment for almost a hundred engineers who are involved in projects for clients in the automotive, medical, financial or smart home sectors. It will also enable the organisation to run more internship and training programmes aimed at the local IT community.

Just over a year after officially opening its office in Gdansk, GlobalLogic is moving to a new location that better suits the needs of its rapidly expanding team. The choice is not coincidental – Alchemia Argon is recognised as one of the most modern buildings in northern Poland and symbolically connects to the company’s growth plans in the region.

Gdansk provides access to a large pool of educated specialists and the support of prestigious scientific institutions, while continually attracting programmers and engineers from Poland and abroad, for whom it appears to be an ideal place to live and develop professionally. This potential is recognised by companies in the IT sector. It can also be seen in the rapid growth of GlobalLogic, which has almost doubled its team size in just over a dozen months.

Tricity offers very good conditions for IT business development. The support from local government institutions makes it easier to operate even for companies with a narrow specialisation, and this can be seen in the composition of our team. Today, there are DevOps specialists, embedded systems programmers, automatic test engineers or project managers who have the knowledge and competences to respond to the needs of the largest organisations in the world in terms of stable and secure IT solutions – says Kamil Świadek, Director of the GlobalLogic branch in Gdańsk.

The high qualifications of the specialists working in the Tricity office make it possible, among other things, to develop advanced solutions in the field of data engineering, using machine learning or telematics, which relate to platforms already in use and those that are only due to reach cars in the coming years. Gdansk engineers are also involved in the development of the medical industry, through the creation of an automatic insulin delivery system for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, ensuring patient safety around the clock.

The ever-growing talent pool available in the region to create and develop this kind of software is the result of close collaboration between the education and business sectors. GlobalLogic is also active in the Tricity in this respect, joining forces with the WSB Merito University or, more recently, the Gdansk Tech. The aim of the organisation is to further develop the dual education model and to support universities in fine-tuning their curriculum offerings to meet the future needs of the labour market. In the past months, GlobalLogic experts have had the opportunity to give interdisciplinary lectures in the areas of Java and DevOps, as well as taking part in events organised by the organisation – including the Embedded, QA Testers or ARES academies, which allowed the local IT community to have creative discussions and share experience.

In our new office at Alchemia Argon, we intend to offer even more opportunities to those willing to participate in internship programmes. This summer alone, we hosted thirteen students to gain knowledge in Java, #C and QA. The larger space will allow us to be even more active in this area. We also aim to be very active in the area of trainings, academies, but also networking meetings intended for professionals looking for opportunities to exchange knowledge and inspiring discussions – emphasises Justyna Kielar, Line Manager at GlobalLogic.

The company is currently recruiting for ongoing projects, looking for, among others, new Software Architects, as well as AUTOSAR, QNX Security, Linux C and Senior C++ engineers, who will join the team already working in the Alchemia Argon building.

GlobalLogic’s growth at such a rapid pace would not have been possible without the support of its partners, in particular the local government initiative Invest in Pomerania. In the last few months alone, the cooperation has resulted in initiatives leading to employee education on safe working practices and mental health care, as well as improving the wellbeing of the people who make up the local IT community.

– The hybridisation of the work system and the shift in focus towards working from home has not changed the fact that the office is an essential corporate meeting place for task and project teams. Tricity IT investors are actively working with developers and office builders to ensure that their spaces are made with an excellent understanding of the new nature of operation. A good example of an office designed in this way is the new GlobalLogic headquarters in Gdansk – comments Marcin Grzegory, Deputy Director, Invest in Pomerania.

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