3cITy is a Tech City of the Future… again!

The Tech Cities of the Future Rankings by fDi Intelligence x TNW  ranking select top business destinations in Europe, assessed on the basis of the local government strategy supporting the development of a well-connected community fostering innovation. This year, the 3cITy ranks #12 in the FDI strategy category under giants like London, Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona.

The Tricity is a symbiotic and unified business ecosystem  cohesively and seamlessly bringing together all the players to offer a synchronized and unified interface. This is one of the things that makes it one of the best places to live and do business. Winning this recognition makes us believe that we are going in the right direction, says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Pomerania is a dynamically developing economy with many diverse sectors.  Invest in Pomerania acts as a connector between companies, local authorities, and educational institutions to strengthen and promote the brand of the region and attract new investments. The 3cITy is a vibrant and diverse start-up ecosystem. From FinTech to E-commerce, the region offers endless opportunities for different sectors.

The Tricity is a well-established ecosystem open to new startups. The access to start-up funding sources and programs is open. Equity and non-equity based financing options include: angel networks, EU funds, labour office grants, venture capital, government grants, or startup contests.

Pomerania is a unique mix of a business and resident- friendly government, strategic location, access to diverse and multicultural talent pool and a fantastic standard of living. As Invest in Pomerania turns 10 this year, I can say with full confidence that the last decade with over 130 successful investors and 18000+ jobs created has really shown us that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Tricity has to offer, says Marcin Grzegory, Deputy Director, Invest in Pomerania.

Talent attraction and retention in the Tricity is supported through various activities, including training opportunities and recruitment solutions. Jobs@Pomerania, Poland’s first-ever, market-driven profile-led recruitment platform, available for free for Pomeranian employers was introduced under the Live more. Pomerania initiative. Currently the platform showcases more than 3000 resumes and is being used by more than 90 companies.

Building on the “we care more” creed, the Come2Pomerania Program works with the Poland. Business Harbour program to attract IT specialists and companies. It started as a response to the humanitarian crisis in Belarus, but has now expanded to include Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Romania and  Ukraine. So far this program has successfully attracted and embedded 6 startups and has approx 30 leads in the conversion stage.

Community building initiatives have also geared the Tricity towards this position. The presence of AI and aviation companies in the region is strong and Invest in Pomerania and Live more. Pomerania power the AI Pomerania and Aviation Hub: Pomerania clusters to foster the cooperation between key players in the region and engage in knowledge-sharing initiatives. Partnerships with technology parks, incubators, and coworking spaces are key for the development of a sustainable startup ecosystem.

The partnership with academia has also had a significant impact on the listing. The region is home to over 24 higher education institutions, including the Gdańsk University of Technology that has been awarded the status of a research university and is an incubator of great ideas. Both public and private educational institutions present in the region encourage students to innovate and provide access to the industry and the market by organising and engaging in multiple initiatives such as associations and research groups.

There can be loads written about why 3cITy is so richly deserving of being a Tech city of the future and how it is the best destination for your business. But rather than talking, we would like to invite you to contact us can let us make you experience our support and the potential of the 3cITy. So get in touch!

About fDi Intelligence x TNW Tech Cities of the Future

To create a shortlist for fDi x TNW Tech Cities of the Future 2021, the fDi Intelligence division of the Financial Times collected data using the specialist online FDI tools fDi Benchmark and fDi Markets, as well as other sources.

Data was collected for 76 locations across Europe, under five categories: Economic Potential, Innovation & Attractiveness, FDI Performance, Cost Effectiveness and Start-up Environment. In addition, surveys were collected under a sixth category, FDI Strategy, for which there were 32 submissions.

fDi Intelligence is a specialist division of the London-based Financial Times. It analyses data on cross-border expansion, internal investment in green areas and trends in foreign direct investment. It is one of the main international sources of knowledge in this field.

TNW (The Next Web) is central to the technology industry. It offers creative media campaigns, organises technological events and programs supporting innovation. The headquarters of TNW is located in Amsterdam.

Read more: fDi Aug/Sept 2021 (

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