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Founded in 2016 in Kharkiv, Efisco is an outsourcing software development company that has opted for Pomerania to reach its key European markets. The company expects to expand its Tricity team to around 40 employees by the end of 2022.

Efisco’s flagship product, the “Augmented Team,” aims at integrating top engineers into the client’s team, while taking care of all administrative and HR aspects. The Tricity office is home for these teams. Moreover, the Tricity office is the main point of contact for all Efisco’s European, especially Scandinavian clients. Tricity’s brand as a technological hub and its proximity to Scandinavia proved to be the main deciding factors in the process of establishing the company’s location in Poland.

Many of Efisco’s clients are Scandinavian companies, and Gdańsk airport services 5 million passengers annually with at least five connections to Scandinavia. Geographical proximity certainly does matter when it comes to building long-lasting and productive business relationships, says Alexandre Yakovlev, Efisco’s CEO and founder.  

The people factor has also played a major role in establishing the office in Gdańsk. Thanks to the experience of Alexandre and Yana Shaydyuk, Chief Operating Officer at Efisco, who have previously worked together on a few projects in the Tricity, it was a natural move to place Yana in charge of the Gdańsk office.

I have been working in the IT Industry since 2013 and have diverse experience across organisations, from front office to sales and client management. This, along with working with big IT names gives me a unique insight into what these organizations need and how to deliver it to them. This also helps us curate a uniquely collaborative work culture that facilitates creativity and efficiency, says Yana Shaydyuk. 

Among the main reasons for choosing Tricity was its strong position as a fast-growing IT destination, with the 4th largest group of IT employees in Poland. This growth is supported by a well-developed infrastructure and a steady increase in the qualified workforce graduating from the University of Gdańsk and the Gdańsk University of Technology.

The Tricity offers endless opportunities when it comes to tech companies searching for talents. Local universities shape thousands of graduates in relevant fields of study every year. It’s the mix of subject matter, linguistic and interpersonal skills that is our biggest advantage on the market, says Bartosz Wojtasiak, Project Manager, Invest in Pomerania.

Efisco employs mainly mid-level and senior developers, to ensure internal mentoring practices. In addition to its software development and customer service team, Efisco also develops its administrative, HR and sales teams at the Gdańsk office. Overall, Efisco employs 38 people between Ukraine, Poland, and the USA.

Efisco builds a culture of togetherness, focusing on the wellbeing of its employees, e.g. the company has decided to move from a modern office to a villa with a garden and a barbecue zone for the team to network outdoors.

About Efisco

Founded by Alex Yakovlev in 2016, Efisco is a forward-looking company focused on creating an inclusive and personal customer experience for its clients. Efisco wants to minimise all the administrative processes and focus on the highest quality of services.

Efisco acts as an umbrella, joining different customer organizations under one roof. It hires employees on their clients’ behalf and places them in one of its offices, providing the complete cycle of administrative services.

Efisco believes that the experience delivered to the customers, team, and partners is the cornerstone of success. It strives to bring value to the clients, look deeper into their real needs and warn about potential challenges while pursuing common goals.

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