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Belarusian healthcare tech startup – ‘CareMe’ develops mobile services for early detection of heart diseases. The company has decided to choose Gdańsk for its headquarters thanks to the support received from the  Come2Pomerania initiative.


CareMe Tech is a young company established during the COVID-19 pandemic specialising in research and development of algorithms enabling early forecasting of cardiovascular diseases. The company’s mobile application “CareMe” is a response to the strong need to be conscious of the health status of our loved ones. Thanks to the application, the users will be able to monitor not only their own health, but also the health of other users, for example elderly parents. CareMe’s purpose is to implement algorithms for obtaining and analyzing information from daily activities in order to monitor users’ health status and notify them and their contacts about any violations. This way the family and medical personnel will be immediately notified of any sudden, potentially threatening changes of the user’s health.


CareMe Tech is doing something tremendously important. Their product will save lives and help people be more calm about their loved ones health – says Paulina Śmigielska, Project Manager at Invest in Pomerania – We are proud that such an innovative and socially responsible company joined our Tricity IT scene. This is exactly the reason why we established the Come2Pomerania initiative – to help companies like CareMe Tech grow their ingenious solutions in the safe and development-friendly environment of Pomerania.


Come2Pomerania programme is a complete base of information for companies, startups and IT specialists looking to relocate to the region. Acting as a complementary to PAIH’s Poland. Business Harbour programme, initiative achieves great results. CareMe Tech is the fourth company that established their office in the region and definitely not the last one. As many as 10 companies have already decided to choose Pomerania and are in process of finalising the move.


We have devoted a lot of time and work to research in order to choose the right location for us – says Maksim, one of the founders of ‘CareMe Tech’ – In Poland, it is quite difficult, because all the major cities are developing at a high speed. Having analyzed many options from Warsaw, with its fast pace of life to Krakow, a very popular location among global IT companies and others. Finally, we discovered the calm yet rapidly growing Gdańsk where we found attractive conditions and programs for startup IT entrepreneurs like us. Choosing Tricity, we could also count on a wide range of support of the Invest in Pomerania initiative and its Come2Pomerania programme. That was a huge benefit.

The startup plans to build a full-cycle development team in the Gdansk office. CareMe Tech will be recruiting Business Analysts, Programmers and Testers, on various levels of experience, starting from the medical and IT students, through the experts in the field of development, up to the “C” Level Management. CareMeTech is also interested in talking to funds and investors in the region to further cement their growth and expansion plans.


About CareMe Tech

CareMe Tech is a Belarusian healthcare tech startup.  The company was officially registered in Gdansk in March 2021, although its founders had been working on their idea since August 2020.

The main specialization of the startup is research and development of algorithms, the introduction of mobile services for early forecasting of cardiovascular diseases. CareMe application, the main product of the company, is a mobile service whose main purpose is to obtain information regarding user’s health and analyze gathered data in order to generate recommendations and forecasts to avoid health impairment and even death. The app is currently in the testing stage and is expected to be available for users by October 2021.

More information about the company and currently open positions:





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