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AM BUILDER, a Belarusian startup that created virtual assistant in construction and repair, will now offer new job opportunities in the Tricity. As the project develops, AM BUILDER plans to expand the team and hire about 50 more people – specialists in software development, content, and marketing. 


The AM BUILDER project aims at providing solutions for each stage of renovation and construction for a non-expert user. This is an innovative tool creating a single channel for clients to receive information from representatives of the construction market. The Tricity office has become AM BUILDER’s headquarters, comprised of software development and testing centre, strategic management department, quality control department, and a payment aggregator for the platform. 

– Pomerania is a role model in facilitating the inflow of foreign businesses seeking safe, dynamic, and inclusive locations to grow and find new markets. Thanks to the Poland Business Harbour and Come2Pomerania initiatives, we prove that collaboration between businesses and the government is possible and necessarysays Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship.

AM BUILDER is looking for juniors without significant experience and special training, but with the will to grow and develop together with an international team, and also take part not only in a commercial but also a socially significant project that takes into account public interests and modern trends in the sphere of environmental protection. The Tricity is a favourable setting for such initiatives. 

We love and appreciate the friendly atmosphere of Tricity, its tolerance and hospitality, good business climate, and European jurisdiction. The fact that Pomerania is Poland’s tourist jewel provides additional business benefits. Tricity is a vivid, constantly developing centre of gravity for new ideas and highly skilled professionalssays Anatoly Mironyuk, Founder and Head of AM BUILDER. 

Most of the employees will be entry-level to be trained on the job. This strategy provides the opportunity to implement new ideas to the project and to go beyond. The company is international, clients are located in different countries of the world, but the management and main project lines will be carried out in Pomerania.

– We are happy to see new start-ups from abroad implementing their core business in the Tricity. Being a part of their development, becoming a visible member of the local community, is the biggest reward. We have already welcomed 8 startups from Eastern Europe, waiting for more to settle in says Aleksandra Moszyńska, FDI Specialist, Invest in Pomerania.

Currently, 8 people are working on the project full-time, and several outsourcing specialists work on the content part-time. 3 employees have moved from Belarus to Gdańsk and are officially registered here, more team members are in the moving process.

The AM BUILDER project will be interesting and useful to any company in the construction industry, from manufacturers of building materials, construction and logistics companies, to architectural and design bureaus. 



Founded in 2019, the AM BUILDER project is a virtual assistant in construction and repair for non-expert users. The goal of AM BUILDER is to create a comprehensive source of information for all participants of the construction market.

The main benefit for users is the ability to get complete information about the construction methods, production time, required workforce qualification, amount of materials, and average approximate costs before starting construction or reparation, as well as the option to instantly order materials and services.

The user receives concise and clear instructions starting with the idea, work type selection, surface selection, structural elements addition, and ending with the creation of the final time and price list of materials, tools and specialists. The team helps navigate through modern technologies, materials, and new eco-friendly trends in the construction field. In addition, AM BUILDER lets users order all the necessary materials and services according to the list created on the platform online from local suppliers or stores.

The main benefits for business partners are the ability to receive complete information about user preferences, place-targeted advertisements, get leads and receive direct orders for their services and products in the local and global markets.

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