Erum Group launches a new logistics centre in Gdansk

Erum Group launches a new logistics centre in Pomerania. The facility, located at Bysewska St, Gdansk, will cover 5000 sq meters and provide quick and sustainable services for its clients. “Due to its economic stability, the level of education and great technological development, Poland is a perfect location for carrying out business activities in Europe”, say Erum Group representatives.


The new logistics centre in Pomerania will create 100 new jobs directly and over 300 new jobs indirectly. The centre Will allow for quick optimization of the supply chain, which will shorten delivery time and limit CO2 emissions.

 Erum Group is a multinational group of companies headquartered in Spain, dedicated to manufacturing plastic, metal and wooden hangers, recycling of plastic, waste management and environmental consultancy. They also manufacture parts for the automotive industry as well as promotional items, products for European army and  plastic and paper bags. One of its key customers is the globally recognized clothing group- Inditex.

 What’s more, the activities in Pomerania will be carried out under the RTS “Return to Source” – a global plastic recycling project pioneered by Erum Group. For the last few years the company has been implementing rigorous policies in terms of environmental protection and circular economy. The design, manufacturing processes and logistics are always arranged using sustainable solutions to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The consumption of plastics and raw materials is also reduced mainly via reutilization and recycling.

 And, this is the key objective of the new centre in Gdansk. In the first stage of the project over 5000 tons of material will be collected for processing and reutilization, which will contribute to the reduction of raw materials present in the market and significantly lower CO2 emissions.

“Pomerania is one of the best regions in Poland in terms of application of green technologies. Currently over 50% of the energy produced in the region comes from renewable sources of energy. Therefore, we are more than happy to welcome Erum to Pomerania. I am sure the company which implements such eco-friendly solutions will perfectly fit into our green technology system”, says Mieczysław Struk, the Marshal of Pomerania.

“Last year we celebrated 100 investment projects supported by Invest in Pomerania. Erum investment proves we are on track and the region can count on more investors that embrace the strategic location on the Baltic Sea coast”, he adds.

The new logistics centre in Gdansk will allow Erum Group to boost its activities in the European market. The company already manages a logistics network distributed over 69 countries around the globe providing complex and sustainable services of the highest quality to a vast array of clients.

Erum PlasticLoop – No End Line

 The creation of many logistics centres is a part of the PlasticLoop system developed by Erum Group, which helps  the life cycle of plastic products keeping all its material qualities. For Erum the end of a piece of plastic in its current form is just the beginning of another product.


Sustainable Injection

Erum Group is pioneering the concept of sustainable injection to integrate new solutions into the plastic processing industry. This is done in order to develop new products and optimize processes for:

  • Eco Design using circular economy assumptions;
  • 100% plastic recovery. Maintaining the technical features of the material and controlling the life-circle of the material. Today it’s a hanger, tomorrow it’s a part of a car and in 300 years we will be able to know the whole cycle of this material;
  • Introducing 30% of post-consumer and post-production waste to the manufacturing process;
  • Prioritizing utilization of fully renewable materials whenever the use of recovered material is not possible in order to avoid processing raw materials
  • Certification of the process by key companies;
  • Collecting materials for its future processing and reutilization to close one life-cycle of the product and start a new one.
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