Hack4change 2020 – for the planet

There are many ways of saving the planet. You can be activist, protesting on the streets, you can be politician and introduce environment friendly legislation, you can be scientist and explore closer to the nature way of living on Earth. There is also an option to invent a new tool, device or just a suggest a basic turn that makes planets condition better.

We are happy to be a part 2020 Hack4change  because it is challenging the important environmental problems. On – line event has stared with the introducing workshops and words of motivation by representatives of Polish Ministry of Climate, Invest In Pomerania, Microsoft and Marek Kaminski the 24 hours work have started. Over 80 participants started to create prototypes of tools and applications aiming  to improve nature condition.

Creativity and innovations were a must in this task. Groups have presented their work in front of the experts and partners. The jury decided to award them Świetliki for their application to encourage to behave more environmentally friendly by taking a part in gamification. App “to light up by example” (świecić przykładem / lead by example) helps to segregate waste, increases awareness of product composition and promotes green transportation.

Other priced propositions were: Flower Power – system and hardware to create optimal conditions for air cleaning plants; Ekoninja – app supporting less waste idea with analysis of plastic production; Questie – app for wide pro ecological behaviour game.

More about hecathlon ideas here: and FB account

We have happily support this initiative with #LiveMore.Pomerania and looking forward for next year meeting.


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