InterLogic: It’s convenient to do business in Tricity

InterLogic, a Danish company with Ukrainian roots, has chosen Tricity as their next business destination to further develop their efficiency and expand their reach. The company opened their new centre in Gdańsk thanks to the support of the Come2Pomerania programme. Poland will be the third location of InterLogic, after Ukraine and Denmark.

Last year through the Invest in Pomerania initiative we’ve established a landing pad for businesses and professionals coming from our Eastern neighbouring countries and beyond called Come2Pomerania. Contact from representatives of InterLogic was among the first activities there, therefore we are delighted to see our tool bring substantial fruit and that our actions were well aimed. This is why we are exceptionally happy to welcome InterLogic joining our growing business community and influencing both the business ecosystem and the job market of the region – says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship.

InterLogic is an IT company creating IT solutions for Danish clients. The company develops both web and mobile applications that improve broad business processes working with technologies such as .Net, PHP, Magento, DevOps, Python, Java, QA, AQA, iOS, Android, Front End. Their products include mobile payment solutions, web applications for advanced calculations, and flexible systems for managing many wind turbines at once.

One of the reasons why the company decided to open a new office in Tricity is its convenient location. The company operates with the personal data of its customers and users of their websites and applications. For logistic reasons related to the GDPR, the easiest solution was to choose a location located within the European Union, which does not require signing additional consents for data processing. Gdańsk turned out to be the best location in the entire European Union due to its close vicinity to Denmark. The short distance between Gdańsk and Denmark and an extensive network of air and sea connections increase their availability for clients and makes it efficient when developers have to work on-site.

Since many employees around the world got used to working from home during the lockdown and pandemic, bringing them all back to the offices is quite a challenge. If this is the case, we decided to embrace the opportunity to expand the recruitment area and develop new ways to organize work in our company. If our employees prefer to work from home most of the time, there are alternatives – says Søren Thomsen, co-founder of InterLogic.

InterLogic has already started recruiting developers to work in the Gdansk’s office and hired DevOps, Python, Java and .Net developers. At the moment, the company is mainly looking to employ experienced specialists who will carry out projects independently or in small teams. After creating a core team of senior and middle-level specialists, the company plans to expand its search to junior positions. In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, InterLogic also assumes the possibility of cooperation with freelancers working remotely.

–     We want to make sure our investors have the right start here. Thus, we excel in helping them in hiring and developing the right people for the job at hand. That’s why we’ve developed our employer platform Jobs At Pomerania which currently holds over 3000 candidates ready to start working in the industry. At the end of the day, your bet is on people. I’m confident InterLogic will make good use of the opportunities in Tricity – says Marcin Grzegory, deputy director of Invest In Pomerania.

InterLogic aims to build a database with 300+ freelancers in Poland who will be paid a Danish wage when working on-site in Denmark and have the benefit of a 37-hour working week instead of the standard 40 hours. All new employees will be remotely connected to over 300 co-workers in Denmark, Ukraine, and Poland.

About InterLogic

InterLogic is a Danish IT company founded in 2004. We have 300+ employees at our offices in Denmark, Ukraine, and Poland. We are mainly developing IT solutions for Danish clients. Furthermore, we offer our clients 3 different collaboration models: They can either get a dedicated team on a monthly basis, a project team on an hourly basis or on-site consultants. It’s also possible to mix the different collaboration models in case we have a client who needs a dedicated team of developers + some hours from a UX/UI designer or SEO for example.

By being an employee at InterLogic you will be remotely connected to all other team members throughout every office. At our office in Poland, you will be surrounded by a small and close group of enthusiastic co-workers. You will have a great opportunity to grow professionally, develop your skills and work with the newest digital technologies. We allow a flexible working schedule with the possibility to work both from the office and remotely. We offer a 37-hour working week for a full-time salary.

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