Objectivity in Tricity: where Win-Win is possible

Objectivity, a technology company with British roots, has been successfully operating in Poland for the last 13 years. Constantly looking for new specialists, Objectivity is opening a new office in Gdańsk, with a view to creating up to 300 jobs.


Objectivity was founded in the UK in 1991 and, since then, has been involved in comprehensive consulting, design, software delivery and maintenance of IT systems for British and German customers from a variety of industries. Objectivity opened its first office in Poland in 2008 in Wrocław. For some time now, the company has been setting up its second “home” in another Polish cultural and scientific centre – Tricity.


The implemented concept for the development of the Tricity is based on such values ​​as openness and cooperation. The harmony between the needs of residents, business and educational institutions is the result of a transparent and consistently implemented strategy. We strive to provide a friendly business environment that fosters innovation and accelerates the development of various industries, mainly thanks to digital transformation says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship. 


Moreover, Tricity offers excellent infrastructure and well-designed, high-end office spaces. Pomerania is a premium location in the CEE region for many reasons. Another aspect that has triggered Objectivity to choose Tricity among other locations is its attractiveness as a place to live.


The company sees the potential of the city and its development strategy is close to the ideas that form the basis of Objectivity. The city policy for the next years is contained in the slogans: Citizens, education, cooperation, mobility and openness. They reflect the values of Objectivity, which are: people, the pursuit of excellence, integrity and agility, along with the accompanying Win-Win business philosophy based on dialogue, simplicity and directnesssays Anna Galewska, Director of Objectivity in Gdańsk.


The company implements projects from different business domains and in different technologies and wants to strive to ensure that the branch in Gdańsk is able to independently deliver projects to customers.


We are looking for people with technical skills at different levels of experience: .NET, Java, React, Angular and Python developers, as well as DevOps specialists with experience in Azure, AWS and GCP cloud. We are also looking for Technical architect and solution architect, business analysts and project managerssays Łukasz Kulik, Director of Engineering at Objectivity.


In addition, Objectivity will also have offers for specialists in other fields, such as HR, Communication, administration and marketing.


Great to see our investor settling in, becoming an important member of the Tricity IT community and a valued employer. Objectivity creates a culture of conversation and directness, and is all about long-term relationships, which we enjoy being a part of  says Marcin Grzegory, Deputy Director at Invest in Pomerania. 


Objectivity’s employees can choose to work from the office, combine it partially with work from home, or opt for a completely remote model – then they can do their work from anywhere in the country. For those who choose Tricity, Objectivity is opening a new office in Garnizon in Gdańsk. Choosing this location, the company wants to allow its employees to work in a modern, elegant and comfortable office, in a multi-use urban area.


About Objectivity

Objectivity is a software house that specialises in creating bespoke solutions that fit perfectly within the needs of each of their clients. Innovation, the latest technologies and the high quality of the final product are all integral parts of the company’s projects. From an employee perspective, Objectivity stands out among other companies because of its extraordinary work atmosphere. For many years Objectivity has been among the finalists of the Great Place To Work competition.

At Objectivity, there are many communities that focus around a specific field (technical or not). The employees can participate in initiatives that bring people together from different departments and improve themselves by participating in conferences or hackathons, such as the internal IDEAapp.This annual developers’ festival (celebrated since 2016) allows teams of employees of the company to implement their original projects during a two-day competition. In addition, people employed at Objectivity can expand their knowledge in the so-called Lightning Talks. These are regularly organised short lectures or presentations in which employees share their knowledge on both technical and non-work-related topics.

Among the development opportunities that the company offers to employees, the so-called. Gold Cards, which allow the employee to allocate part of the working week for self-development, as well as a number of internal and external training and the opportunity to retrain for another speciality.

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