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A&A Biotechnology

In this series of exciting interviews, we talk to the Biotech and Life Sciences leaders in Pomerania. Here, we are in conversation with Sławomir Dąbrowski, Head of Research and Development at A&A Biotechnology – a Pomeranian biotech company that produces innovative products for the Life Science sector, such as DNA and RNA isolation kits.

What does A&A Biotechnology do?

The most important area of the company’s activity is the development and production of modern reagents and solutions for the Life Science sector. The company also offers specialised research services for scientific institutions and enterprises. Thanks to its modern infrastructure for the production of proteins and enzymes, A&A Biotechnology is able to manufacture enzymes applied in molecular biotechnology processes.

What products do you offer and what problems do they solve?

The company offers a number of specialised products that allow for effective isolation of nucleic acids from all kinds of biological materials and enzyme sets. This, in turn, allows for efficient DNA and RNA processing for research and diagnostic purposes. Our products make it possible to obtain high-quality nucleic acids from materials that are very difficult to process, such as oil-contaminated soil or prehistoric microorganisms trapped in rock salt. 

Can you name your key sectors and markets?

Both scientific institutions and enterprises dealing with modern research techniques are important for us. Our products are used in the country and abroad.  

What do you think about the business ecosystem in Pomerania?

There is a very favorable business ecosystem in our region. This is due to the presence of talents – graduates from two universities that are educating future biotechnologists, chemists and biologists. These universities are also our project partners, both nationally and within the European Union. 

The second important element is the infrastructure offered in the Tricity, especially two technology parks. The presence of other companies in our sector also motivates us to create new, competitive products and solutions. This cannot be overestimated.

What is the development potential of the biotech and Life Science sector in Pomerania? 

Pomorskie is an important player on the Biotech and Life Science map in Poland and in Europe. Small biotechnology companies like ours, as well as large companies like Polpharma, are located here. Not without significance is the presence of major universities that conduct high-level scientific research, as well as educate young people who enter careers in either science or in companies such as ours.

What else do you think could be done to create favourable conditions for the further development of the Life Science sector in Pomerania?

These conditions are already there. However, these areas require more intensive action:

  • Implementation studies, i.e. masters and doctoral studies that span the scientific and commercial sector. Universities have already introduced such solutions, but their scale, especially in cooperation with small companies, is small.
  • Effective cooperation between the scientific community and companies.
  • Such cooperation does take place but on a small scale, often at an informal level. I think it is important to create a climate for such cooperation by creating appropriate partnership models. 
  • Presenting our Life Science sector at important industry fairs in Europe and around the world. It is important that small companies receive adequate support in this regard. 
  • Effective support for small businesses in the region in the field of infrastructure. The operating costs of small businesses are still very high.  

What are your forecasts for the sector and what role can Pomerania play in the global Life Science market?

I think that this sector will grow more and more important. We’ve been observing a growing recognition of Polish companies in the global Life Science market. Customer’s trust in products and solutions offered by Polish companies is also growing. Our company’s cooperation with the largest corporations in the biotechnology industry is an example of that. 


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