Automotive sector

Automotive is one of the crucial manufacturing sectors in Poland providing employment to over 200 thousand peolpe, which amounts to 7.5% of workplaces in the whole Polish manufacturing.

In 2019 647 thousand passenger cars, LCVs and buses were assembled in Poland.

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Poland is also a top ten exporter of automotive parts worldwide and a leading European exporter of Li-ion batteries. The e-mobility FDI projects have recently dominated the sectors with companies such as LG Chem, Mercedes, Umicore, SK Innovation, Huarong or Foosung carrying out their new investment projects in the country.

The total value of automotive production (vehicles and automotive parts) amounted to 40 billion EUR.


Main investors in the electronics & automotive sector in Pomerania
Main investors in the electronics & automotive sector in Pomerania

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Automotive sector in Pomerania

Due to the dynamic development of the automotive market in Central and Eastern Europe, Pomerania is gaining importance as the crucial link in the car supply chain. Growing container handling capacity of the region’s ports has created an excellent access channel to the entire regional market. It is estimated that the demand for car transshipments in the Pomeranian ports will grow along with the expanding car market in the EU.

Human resources and R&D

Pomeranian universities offer both the well-educated talent pool and research facilities for the automotive sector, while Gdańsk University of Technology is the clear leader in engineer studies catering to the needs of the industry.

There are currently two research centers located at the Eaton production facilities in Tczew (Eaton Truck Components and Eaton Automotive). One of their recent projects is the development of hybrid transmission technology. In addition, the centers specialize in graphic modeling and product design as well as in simulation and testing.

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Leaders in the sector

Eaton is one of the main players on the Pomeranian automotive market. The company is one of the most important suppliers of gearboxes and compressors for passenger car engines. Tczew-based facility delivers to customers such as Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan or the Chinese producer Chery.

Federal Mogul Bimet and Control Solutions are other examples of the sector leaders with production facilities in Pomerania. The client portfolio of Federal Mogul Bimet – slide bearing manufacturer established already in 1947 as Bimet – includes among others AUDI, Bentley, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Harley-Davidson, Mazda, VOLVO, VW and Daimler. Almost 100% of the company’s production is exported.

Control Solutions is a contractor for global corporations and brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, VW, Volvo, Skoda and Ford. One of the company’s recent major successes – as the subcontractor of the German industrial group ThyssenKrupp – is the creation of a production line for Ford engines produced in a factory in Great Britain.

Other suppliers of car components that have located their production in Pomerania are Aptiv, Gardner or NordGlass. Aptiv production plant in Gdansk produces autonomous car control systems including overhead panels for monitoring driver’s performance and camera systems. British Gardner produces components for the automotive and aviation industry in its factory in Tczew, while Swedish Scania assembles city buses in its facility in Slupsk.

One of the most spectacular investemnt projects in the last years has been Northvolt. The Swedish manufacturer of batteries for e-cars and mining vehicles has opened its assembly facility in Gdansk. The company has been operating in Pomerania for over a year know employing 100 specialists.


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