The investment potential of the biotechnology sector in Pomerania owes it to the two main reasons:

  • availability of talents
  • necessary R&D infrastructure
Main players in the biotech sector in Pomerania
Main companies in Pomerania’s biotech sector

Wide spectrum of specialisation

There are numerous companies operating in the sector in Pomerania, including molecular biology (A&A Biotechnology, EURx), medical devices for oncology, infectious diseases and transplantology (Blirt), cosmetics (Ziaja, Oceanic, Farmix, Femi Loton, Inventia), laboratory diagnostics (Invicta), microbiological tests (JS Hamilton Poland), pharmacy (Polpharma, Profarm, Labofarm) or the production of detergents (Impuls).

Talent pool

As many as three universities in the region offer majors in biotechnology: the University of Gdańsk – in cooperation with the Gdańsk Medical University – and the Gdańsk University of Technology. The opening of the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdańsk and the Medical University of Gdańsk in 1993 was of crucial importance for the development of the sector. It is currently the leading scientific and educational institution with the status of the European Center of Excellence in Molecular Biomedicine. There are over 700 students and biotechnology faculties at Tricity universities.

chemistry students

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Leaders of the market

The foundations for the development of biotechnology in Pomerania were laid down by the leading drug producer in Central and Eastern Europe – Polpharma. The company established its production in Starogard Gdański in 1935. Over the years, Polpharma has developed its product portfolio and invested heavily in R&D. Currently, it’s the leader in the pharmaceutical market in Poland and in CEE, and one of the 20 largest generic medicine manufacturers in the world. The company has 7 production plants in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan, and 5 R&D centers and employs over 7500 people globally. Its portfolio includes nearly 7500 products. 1 in 8 medicine packages sold in Polish pharmacies and 1 in 3 medicine packages used in hospitals come from Polpharma.

Pomerania-based Polpharma is the market leader in the CEE
Pomerania-based drug manufacturer Polpharma is the market leader in CEE

Companies producing cosmetics began to emerge in the Tricity area already in the 80s. The best examples are Oceanic and Ziaja, currently leading cosmetics manufacturers in Poland.

Oceanic is one of the leaders on the Polish cosmetics market that has for almost 40 years specialised in production of the world-class anti-allergic cosmetics AA. The company employs over 350 employees and produces 2 million product items per month that reach customers in Poland and other 40 countries around the world.

Ziaja is currently employing over 555 people and has nearly 1000 preparations in its product range. More than 66 million items of Ziaja’s products were marketed in 2015, while exports remain one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the company’s sales.

Research facilities

Researchers and companies carrying out R&D activities in the field of biotechnology can make use of a special offer by science and technology parks in Gdańsk and Gdynia. A prime example of a Pomeranian-based company heavily developing new solutions is Polpharma and its R&D units i.a. in Gdansk and Starogard Gdanski. Polpharma Group is currently conducting 270 development projects. It employs 419 R&D employees, including 72 with a doctorat and spent around 2 billion PLN on R&D in the last two decades.

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Other related sectors

Speaking of biotechnology, other chemistry-related sectors should be mentioned. Gdansk is a host to a leading oil refinery company Lotos (soon to merge with Orlen to create a top oil company in CEE). The whole Lotos Group employs around 5000 specialists. In it’s Gdansk refinery the company produces fuels, industrial lubes and oils.

In Pomerania also other signifcant chemistry-related business activities are carried out, i.a. ferlizers production (Fosfory in Gdansk), plastic materials production (Fabryka Plastikow in Kwidzyn).

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