Food processing

Food processing has traditionally been an important sector of the region’s economy.

Food sector in Pomerania
Food processing sector in Pomerania is one of the traditional industries of the region

Many companies, both domestic and international, have chosen the region as their location. In terms of major FDIs, Pomerania is home to companies such as Unilever (production of Algida icecream in Banino near Gdańsk), Dr. Oetker (production of food concentrates in Gdańsk, production of frozen pizzas in Łebcz) or Farm Frites (production of fries in Lębork).

As a coastal region, Pomerania has always been a perfect location for fish processing – it is now the main fish processing location in Europe and the host to the world’s biggest salmon producer ONE (previously Marine Harvest). The Norwegian capital group employs over 4 000 people in the region and additionally opened its SSC in Gdańsk. Graal, BMC Władysławowo, Łosoś Ustka, Szkuner and King Oscar should be named among.


Pomerania is the world's top salmon producer
Pomerania is the world’s top salmon producer

The key factor driving companies to establish their fish processing activities in Pomerania is its location. Pomerania is a sea coast region but here it’s not the natural resources that matter but the logistics. A prime example is a showcase Polish exports product – smoked salmon. The material is imported from the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea mainly, then processed in the plants in Pomerania and then sent to end markets in western Europe. Around 60% of the total production is exported – primarily to the EU countries (around 90%) with the biggest share of Germany as the key destination market. What’s also important to mention, the fish processing sector in Poland is also on the cutting edge of the technology as all the companies active in the sector underwent modernisation programmes.


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