Global Scandinavian brand enters the Tricity


ISS, a leading workplace experience and facility management company, is opening an office in Gdansk. This is the Danish giant’s third location in Poland, following its second global headquarters and Polish operations office both located in Warsaw.

ISS core business is integrated facilities services, operating in 30+ countries on all continents. Its range of services includes cleaning, catering, administrative and technical services, security, and strategic workplace management. Its more than 40,000 clients include office buildings, shopping centres, factories, airports, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

New operation in Gdansk

The ISS Finance Service Centre (FSC) Gdansk will be key to increasing the efficiency of financial processes at ISS by standardising the ways of working, taking advantage of Gdansk as an established finance hotspot with a large and skilful talent pool. Providing support for a global operation requires the concentrated effort of a dedicated unit, which is why ISS is centralising finance operations in Gdansk.

The launch of the ISS FSC in Gdansk is a massive undertaking. We plan to combine the competences of customer service and internal process experts and chose the Tricity because it has fantastic human resources potential. We need well-qualified specialists with varied skillsets, and we know that there will be no problem finding them in Pomerania – says Paweł Rowicki, Head of Shared Services Transformation.

The Gdansk centre will initially employ financial specialists with the possibility of future growth, joining the 350,000+ employed by ISS worldwide.

We are very pleased to see such a globally significant brand emerge in Pomerania. ISS is one of the top leaders in integrated facility services. The fact that the Gdansk office will process advanced financial operations proves that our specialists are highly qualified. It brings me much joy that more and more investors decide to entrust us with comprehensive projects, because it leads to high-paid jobs for our talent pool – states Mieczysław Struk, Marshall of the Pomerania Voivodeship.

The Danish business philosophy

Along with managing financial processes, ISS will bring its sustainable business philosophy to Gdansk. Danish work culture is not only about hygge, which is well known in Poland, but also about safe working conditions, supporting gender, racial and religious diversity and reducing environmental impact by creating sustainable solutions for the ecosystem. The company focuses on internal migration and providing competitive salaries, with international mobility made possible thanks to the global scale of the company’s operations.

ISS’s second headquarters, located in its Warsaw Hub, boasts the world’s highest rating for its accessibility and comfort solutions according to accessibility watchdog Mobility Mojo. Their evaluation gave ISS a world-first Platinum certification, citing the number of amenities, including wide aisles and doors, colours adapted for the visually impaired, appropriate furniture handles and parking spaces located directly next to the lifts. The adoption of these solutions is directly linked to ISS’s employee promise of being a company of belonging, with similar solutions to be introduced to the Gdansk office:

It is extremely important to us that everyone feels comfortable in the office. Organisational culture and corporate governance are one thing, but avoiding physical barriers, and therefore avoiding exclusions, is equally important. We are committed to making everyone feel that they belong at work, but we don’t want to call it adapting. Measures to improve accessibility should be natural, not stigmatising their speciality – mentions Paweł Rowicki, Head of Shared Services Transformation.

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