7N comes to Tricity

7N, an IT consultancy agency with more than 30 years of market experience in serving all aspects of critical IT projects both within the public and private sectors, has opened an office in the Tricity. 


Operating in 9 countries, with almost 1400 high-end IT professionals who specialize in programming, project management, and quality management, 7N plans to hire 100 experts in the Tricity by the end of  2021.


When asked about why Tricity, Grzegorz Pyzel, Vice President at 7N said, It has always been our motivation to diversify into different locations to have access to more IT experts. Our Polish head office is located in Warsaw, but we also have operations in other cities – Wroclaw, Poznań, Lódź, and Toruń. Opening offices in every place where we operate has never been our goal. Tricity is an exception due to the scale of its operations. When the number of consultants with whom we cooperate in the Tricity exceeded 50, the management on an on-and-off basis became time-consuming and therefore pointless. Having a local office gives us confidence that 7N will continue to grow strongly on the Tricity market.  


Executive Consultancy Manager – Magdalena Hennig and Vice President Poland - Grzegorz Pyzel
Executive Consultancy Manager – Magdalena Hennig and Vice President Poland – Grzegorz Pyzel

7N has been operating in Tricity since 2012, before deciding to open a permanent office here. At present, the office provides services to 9 clients from different industries: financial, medical, energy as well as software houses. They are also starting a new project and launching a competence center in Tricity, which provides services for their foreign customers.


7N’s decision to finally open an office in Tricity is a testament to how attractive the region is to  IT consultants who service international companies in Poland and foreign clients operating across multiple time zones.  It’s great to see 7N ‘settle down’ firmly here as a result of both great track record and promising forecasts for the future – says Marcin Grzegory, Deputy Director, Invest in Pomerania.


The office in Tricity will be looking at employing over 100 people over the next year. They are open for sharp, talented people who have a minimum of several years of IT experience with at least one key knowledge domain in which they excel. The company’s mission is to work with the top 3% of specialists on the market, i.e. the best of the best. 

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