Focus on the Automotive Sector in Pomerania. The latest report by Invest in Pomerania

The latest report by Invest in Pomerania focuses on the situation of the automotive sector in Pomerania, its challenges, opportunities, and future forecast. A significant part of the report is devoted to the driving role FDI plays in this sector. 


Climate and social changes, the development of artificial intelligence, the COVID-19 pandemic – these are just some of the many phenomena influencing the shape of the automotive sector. We can already observe the effects of the above factors on the development of the industry. Electrically powered cars, autonomous vehicles, as well as consumer leasing and car sharing are the main directions of development of the automotive sector.

“The automotive industry has been developing in Pomerania for years in the shadow of traditional sectors such as shipbuilding and logistics. However, in the context of electromobility and autonomous vehicles, this situation will change dynamically. Pomerania has all the assets to become an important supplier of products and services for the automotive industry of the 21st century,” says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. 

The report presents current trends shaping today’s automotive sector, including companies’ investment policies for supply chain shortening, as well as production nearshoring. The basis for the preparation of the report was a study based on information provided by partners, including international investors from the automotive and IT sectors in Pomerania.

According to the report, the automotive sector in Pomerania currently employs 21,300 people. The main products manufactured in the region include lithium batteries and chargers for electric cars, as well as cameras and computers for autonomous driving.

Due to the developed business base, proximity to ports and a well-developed network of land connections, as well as excellent academic facilities, Pomerania is one of the best locations for the development of the automotive sector.

Numerous courses related to the automotive sector are carried out at 9 universities operating in the region, currently 16,000 people study at universities in this field, while more than 30,000 students are trained in vocational schools with a profile corresponding to the industry’s needs.  Hence companies from the automotive sector do not have to worry that there will be a shortage of qualified employees on the market.

According to the report, a great advantage of Pomerania is also the high availability of IT specialists. According to the IIP report, innovations in the field of new technologies will be the driving force behind the development of automotive companies in the coming years. Therefore, Pomerania, as a region where the IT and R&D sectors are exceptionally well developed, will become a very attractive location for companies from the automotive industry.


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