Scholarships for specialists – EU relocation grants for new employees in Pomeranian companies

Today, May 24, 2021, the Invest in Pomerania grant competition is starting, in which you can get a subsidy for newly hired employees. You can gain up to 10,000. PLN. per one employee.


Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the area of Pomeranian Smart Specialization (ISP) wishing to hire new specialists may take part in the grant competition. It is about industries such as offshore technologies, medical technologies in the field of civilization diseases or interactive technologies in the information environment.

The competition is a response to the need for a constant supply of highly qualified employees, and the industries covered by the competition are of key importance for the region – says Maciej Silarski, project manager of Invest in Pomerania. – Pomerania is an attractive place to live in and we hope that the scholarships will be an important incentive for specialists to move to our voivodeship. The competition gains the employer, new employee and, of course, the region’s economy, that is us.

So what can an employee gain?

The employer may receive a grant in the form of a scholarship for a newly hired employee. It is about people from outside the Pomeranian Voivodeship who decide to work in our region. You can get up to 10 thousand PLN per one employee.  The money can be used either for moving, renting an apartment or purchasing its equipment. The support applies to employees working in positions directly related to the activity of ISP, who will be employed under an employment contract, with a minimum salary of 6,000. PLN. gross.


Detailed information is available on the website of the Pomeranian Development Agency.

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